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Kanye West speaks about Donald Trump and his wife after positive coronavirus diagnosis

Kanye West tweets about Donald Trump and his wife after positive coronavirus diagnosis

The Grammy award-winning rapper announced on his social media account that he prayed to the president and his wife. Kanye West had previously come up with criticism about Donald Trump and his wife.

The 43-year-old rapper required some investment on Saturday to send well wishes to President Donald Trump and his better half, first woman Melania Trump, following their positive Covid conclusion.


Trump, 74, and Melania, 50, reported they gotten the possibly destructive respiratory infection on Friday, Oct. 2 – three days after the principal presidential discussion.

“There’s a crying requirement for class in all cases. We have to and will meet up for the sake of Jesus,” West wrote in a tweet one day after the president’s sensation explanation. “I’m petitioning God for President Trump’s and Melania’s full recuperation, similarly as I would for Joe and Jill Biden on the off chance that they were blasted, just as every other person with COVID-19.”

West first announced that he would run for president on Independence Day this year. Kanye West had previously announced to Donald Trump that he would rival in the presidential election. Months before the November presidential election, Kanye West says he will still run for the election.


“We should now understand the guarantee of America by confiding in God, bringing together our vision and building our future. I am running for leader of the United States,” he tweeted to commence his mission.

  • In a meeting with Forbes in July, the Grammy-winning rapper said he is running as a free under another ideological group that he had made, which is known as the Birthday Party.

“Since when we win, it’s everyone’s birthday,” he told the outlet.

  • West’s running mate is Michelle Tidball, a Christian evangelist from Wyoming.

Kanye West: I was going to kill my daughter

Famous rapper Kanye West, who officially rolled up his sleeves for the presidential race in the USA, promised $ 1 million to those who had children at his first rally. At first, when he explained that he did not want his daughter to be born, West, unable to hold back his tears, said, “I almost killed my daughter.” he also touched on the issue of abortion.

Kanye West had its first rally in North Charleston, South Carolina.

Kanye West, who entered the presidential race in the USA in November, held his first rally in North Charleston, South Carolina, one day before the deadline for independent candidates.

Contrary to the recent announcement that his mentor Steve Kramer withdrew from the race, the 43-year-old West, who held his first rally in South Carolina, touched on many topics from racism to abortion.

“I don’t care if I win the presidential election,” West said, “There are homeless people in front of the stores. “I value such things and I am in the service of God.”


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