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Katy Perry on the street for the first time after childbirth

Katy Perry spotted on the street for the first time after giving birth

Katy Perry had a sense of mother and fatherhood by holding her fiancee Orlando Bloom and their baby named Daisy Dove in August. The famous singer was seen outside for the first time after giving birth.

The famous American couple, who took their babies in their arms, became one of the most popular couples of recent times.

American singer Katy Perry gave birth to her first child Daisy Dove from actress fiance Orlando Bloom last month. The 35-year-old singer went out for the first time in days to shop.

Perry wore sunglasses, a straw hat on his head and a mask to protect against the coronavirus epidemic, wearing the lenses with his coffee in Santa Barbara.

The American singer, who placed the materials bought from the market in his vehicle, got into his vehicle without talking to the press members who viewed him.

On the other hand, Katy Perry shared her postpartum state on her Instagram account recently.

The photos he shared received a lot of interaction from his followers. American singer Katy Perry is known to start a special diet to get rid of her excess weight after childbirth.

Perry needs time to regain his postpartum physical appearance, especially when communicating with many important American dietitians.


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