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Kayla Eubanks was denied boarding because of her low-cut outfit

Woman in Cleavage Dress of Kayla Eubanks couldn't get on the plane

Woman Not Taken On The Plane Because Of Her Cleavage Dress: ‘I Was Not Taken On My Flight Because My Breasts Are So Legendary, Explicit and Obscene’. The black woman revolted after not being taken on the plane after the cleavage.

A woman named Kayla Eubanks was denied boarding on the grounds that her outfit was ‘open and obscene’. The woman who was not taken to the Southwest Airline plane because of her lewd outfit revolted.

Stating that she did not know how the cleavage could pose an obstacle to other passengers or pilots, the woman shared the situation on social media. After the incident she shared on social media, her support for women grew like an avalanche.

“I was not taken to my flight because I was told that my breasts were too ‘lewd, open and obscene'”, the woman who shared the situation on social media, asked the officers whether my clothing was lewd, open, obscene, and the officer was surprised, “I don’t know if it could be all three.” ..

A pilot who came to the woman, who was told that she would not be taken on the plane due to her cleavage, said that she could give her a T-shirt. After this act, the woman, whose breasts were open, rebelled.

Kayla rebelled from her social media account:

Kayla was able to get on the plane after waiting half an hour with the t-shirt she bought from the pilot. The woman who shared photos with the t-shirt she wore from the plane took off the shirt halfway through the flight.

After getting off the plane, the woman, who spoke to the officers again, was told that she would not be taken to the flight like this again. After the problems that Kayla Eubnks faced, a great support came from social media. Many people made comments like women don’t ride naked, you are crazy.

"What should I do, should I leave my breasts at home?"

When told that he will not be taken to the plane in this way again, Eubanks reproached, “Nobody else is complaining about you,” “What should I do, shall I leave my breasts at home?” said.

After the event, which was also on the agenda in social media, Southwest Airlines made a statement.

Southwest Airlines company said, “Our employees act by considering the well-being and comfort of everyone. Every situation is different as per our rules. We called her and apologized for her experience and refunded the ticket as an indication of our good will.”


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