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Kendall Jenner: sends support messages for George Floyd

American model “Kendall Jenner” conveyed his support for George Floyd. He invites racism against the blacks to be over now and walk in the states.

Kendall Jenner I'm With George Floyd

American model Kendall Jenner announced that she supports the actions for “George Floyd” on social media. He stated that actions against racism should end now and they want a new USA. He explained that he would especially support the activists financially.

George Floyd’s messages continue to appear on the Instagram account of Kendall Jenner. He points out that the activists should go out in the provinces. He expressed that we should not remain silent and their slogans should increase.

Starring actress Devin Booker, wearing the Phoenix Suns shirt in the NBA, was spotted with the famous model Kendall Jenner. Despite statements about the duo’s being friends around, Booker’s girlfriend, Hannah Harrison, could not accept this situation and blocked the star player from all social platforms.

The cold war between Kendall Jenner and Hannah Harrison seems to be over. Both stated that they support anti-racist actions and are proud to be for the same purpose.

Kendall Jenner Posts About George Floyd

In Minneapolis, where George Floyd fell victim to police violence, the city council changed the police’s detention and detention powers. Accordingly, it was forbidden to put pressure on the neck as it was done to Floyd.

Kendall Jenner stated that the US police should stop their violent stance now. These attitudes revealed that he showed them as bad people.

Kendall Jenner says that US Citizens should take part in actions within the states they hold. The famous model states that they want a new America. He states that there should be a humanity that is free from absurd ideas such as racism.


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