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Kendra Lust prays for James Rodriguez to get well soon

Kendra Lust, a get well soon message for James Rodriguez

Kendra Lust wishes James Rodriguez to be well soon! Adult movie star Kendra Lust wished that James Rodriguez, who was injured from his testicles and received treatment, would recover as soon as possible.

Everton started his career very well, James Rodriguez injured from his testicles. A support for Rodriguez, who continued his treatment, came from adult movie star Kendra Lust. Kendra Lust, who previously celebrated Rodriguez’s birthday, sent the message “I hope you are well” this time.

James Rodriguez followed adult movie stars on his social media account after separating from his wife of 6 years, Daniela Ospina. Sexual movie star Kendra Lust conveyed her wish to get well soon, saying “It is very painful. I hope you are well” to Colombian star football player James Rodriguez, who suffered testicular trauma during the match.

A striking fact about Colombian star James Rodriguez emerged at Everton, who played against Southampton on Sunday and lost 2-0. It was stated that the successful midfielder was injured from his testicles, but he did not leave his team alone by playing.

Sexual movie star Kendra Lust supported Rodriguez on social media after the British press explained the problem.

Responding to a tweet by a British media outlet, Kendra Lust said, “It’s very painful. I hope you are fine,” and conveyed the Colombian actor his wish for a speedy recovery.
The star football player, whose treatment continues, is not expected to come to the field at the weekend.

James Rodriguez Is A Good Friend With Kendra Lust

James Rodriguez had followed the movie stars from his media account after leaving the 6-year plan, Daniela Ospina. Also, adult movie star Kendra Lust celebrated Rodriuez’s birthday on his social media account last July with the message “Happy birthday James, I hope you liked it”.

Kendra Lust supports James Rodriguez on Bad Days

Kendra and James Rodriguez know they have good friendly relationships. There are also allegations that there is a different kind of relationship between the porn star and the football star. After James broke up with his wife, it was learned that he formed relationships with many adult movie stars. He was silent about allegations that he had sexual intercourse with Kendra Lust, especially while on vacation in the USA.

Kendra Lust One of the most experienced people in the Industry

Kendra Lust is one of the most experienced female actors in adult movies, especially despite her advanced age, with her full hips and fit body, she manages to overcome challenging movies. Lust, who draws attention to being one of the most paid actors in the USA, has previously explained the difficulties of earning his life in this way.

  • Age: 42 years
  • Birthday: September 18, 1978
  • Zodiac sign: Spike
  • Place of birth United States of America
  • Job: Actress, Model, Director

Adult film actress who won a XBIZ Award in 2015.

Before Fame
She worked as a nurse for 7 years. She stripped as a side job in order to pay her nursing school tuition.

She started as a webcam model for a couple of months before entering the industry in March of 2012.

Family Life
She has a daughter with a man who works as a police officer.

Kendra Lust Net Worth 2020 – Adult Actress and Model

Kendra Last’s fortune is estimated at $ 1.7 million. She is believed to have earned almost all of her estate by making adult films in her 8-year career. Her wealth comes from her talent agency and production company, and she is a real example of a businesswoman who has remained at the top and lower only in her career success for years. She showed that she could stay and survive in this cruel industry for many years.

Kendra Lust Short Career

After seven years as a nurse, she started doing a striptease to raise more money. As a stripper, she was also spotted for business in the film industry in 2012. After three years, in 2015, she founded her talent agency and called it “Society 15”. She also opened her own production company called Lust Army Production.


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