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Killer Bees Panic in the USA: The Situation is Serious

Now struggling with the corona virus epidemic, the US is now experiencing panic because of ‘venomous wasps’. These creatures, known as ‘killer bees’ for their height of up to five centimeters, are the first to appear in the USA, and can lead to death.

Killer bee panic in the USA: Giant Asian bees Proliferate Quickly

In the USA, which is the new center of the corona virus epidemic, this time the “poisonous wasp” panic has begun. It is the first time in the country that Asian hornets can sting a person several times and cause death.

Scientists stated that giant hornets of Asian origin called “Vespa mandarinia” were first seen in the USA, especially in the state of Washington. Beekeepers stated that a large number of honey bees were found with their heads disconnected.

Washington State University (WSU) researchers noted that this species, known as the world’s largest bee with its height reaching five centimeters, can cause death if it stings a person several times. This species is therefore called ‘killer bees’. Susan Cobey, an entomologist at the WSU, commented, “They seem to have jumped out of a monster cartoon with their big yellow-orange faces.”

Killer Bees Arriving in US Cargo Planes

It is not known how the bees came to the USA. Seth Truscott of WSU said they are considering the possibility of reaching by cargo. Truscott said: “Wasps are most aggressive in late summer and early autumn when they are looking for a source of protein for their queens. They attack honeycombs, kill adult bees. Its needles are large and painful, contain an effective neurotoxin. If they sting a person several times, they will kill it, even if that person is not allergic. ”

It is worried that “killer bees” will harm both humans and bee colonies, whose numbers are gradually decreasing. The authorities therefore called on the public to inform them if they saw the wasp. These bees normally live in the temperate and tropical climate of East Asia, and are reported to have killed an average of 50 people each year.

Can killer bees kill man?

Many American scientists have explained that killer bees are very dangerous creatures. It was explained that killer bees that could exceed 5 cm did not have difficulty killing a person. The rapid increase in their numbers in recent years is enough to scare people.

How to Protect People from Killer Bees?

Smell is at the top of the way of protection from killer bees. Especially Effective Odor Types Are Enough To Remove These Bees.

  1. Alcohol Effective Fragrances
  2. Protected Face And Hand Masks
  3. Avoiding Crowded Environments
  4. Not Consuming Sugary Food Outside

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