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Lala Kent was angry with designer Michael Costello for refusing to make her wedding dress?

Lala Kent, designer Michael Costello, whom she refused to make her wedding dress

The “Vanderpump Rules” star, 30, called out dressmaker Michael Costello for refusing to form her bridal gown because she isn’t a “big enough” celebrity.

“What a clown. This dude. I literally blew him up to form my custom bridal gown — he would have gotten all the ‘tags & @’s’ he’s talking about. But I never heard back from him… why? Because I’m not ‘big enough.’ So cool out, Costello-you do an equivalent s—t.”

Kent spoke up in reaction to Costello slamming Kylie Jenner for less than tagging high-profile designers on Instagram instead of regularly giving credit to smaller labels.

“It’s sad that designers work so so so so hard on these opportunities to decorate these gorgeous popular women and that they only tag the main high end designers like Olivier but ditch the opposite ones,” Costello commented on a recent photo Jenner posted thanking Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing for a bejeweled birthday dress. “Why not tag a minimum of one? Not all the time but maybe once during a while.”

Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez

The former Project Runway designer — who regularly creates custom pieces for the likes of Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez and sells ready-made wedding gowns that home in price from $2,400 to quite $24,000 — clapped back at Kent, posting a screenshot of text messages together with her wedding planner to his Instagram Story.

“You wanted us to decorate you and that we passed!,” he wrote. “You didn’t want to shop for anything we also confirmed a meeting for you and it had been a no show! Why are you complaining an entire year later? God bless.”

“You made my point. You passed on me a bit like Kylie Jenner passes on you,” Kent shot back. “Get over it.”

In an email to Page Six Style, Costello said, “Lala Kent reached bent us in hopes of getting a free bridal gown but we explained to her team that we don’t do any custom wedding dresses for free of charge . This has nothing to try to to with the extent of celebrity or fame but everything to try to to with the very fact that we take our bridal work very seriously.”

Continued the designer, “There are many specific details that enter each bit and it takes our team a few of months to form a bit , from my drawings to the primary fitting followed by multiple alterations. I explained all this to Lala and offered her a 20% discount. Her assistant scheduled a consultation with me. i used to be looking forward to seeing Lala but she flaked. No cancellation. No call. No show.”

Costello said Kent was running with “the false narrative that I rejected her,” which she and other reality stars and influencers “expect design houses to figure with them for free of charge , for his or her fame, their privilege, and this is often wrong. they have to respect our work and value our time.”

Kent was set to wed Randall Emmett on April 28, but the 2 announced they were postponing thanks to the coronavirus pandemic; it’s unclear when the couple will tie the knot.


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