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LAST MINUTE! President Erdogan, Turkey and other countries

Turkey News: President Erdogan will share important news

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip opened the eyes of the world and in Turkey Erdogan’s description of the gospel will do today. Although there are predictions and wishes about what the gospel is, even the last minute of the announcement of international news agencies is not yet clear. What will be the good news of President Erdoğan? When will Erdogan make a statement? Here are the details of the last minute gospel that the public and the media are eagerly awaiting …

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on Wednesday and Friday, pointing to “Turkey will give a gospel will launch a new era” had to explain that the minutes are numbered. Turkey and are excited anticipation on the subject in the world media. Many predictions and news were published before President Erdoğan’s speech to announce the gospel. There is very little time left to find out what the truth is. President Erdogan will make the expected last minute statement at the end of the afternoon.

World Countries Focused on Erdoğan's Statements!

It is said that the good news that President Erdogan will announce today is the discovery of natural gas reserves. Danube-Black Sea block 1 which found that the proposed natural gas reserves of 800 billion cubic meters and Turkey is said to be about 20 years to meet the natural gas needs.

Fatih dismissed the drilling vessel in the Black Sea, about 100 nautical miles north of the Black Sea coast of Turkey in the West since the end of July that is active in the exploration area known as the Danube-1.

important developments will be announced by the United States and France, Turkey President Erdogan announced that they closely follow. They were next President of the US government and turkey Donald Trump said that future releases of major world concern.

The president of France Macro is much stronger in this new era of the turkey and the european countries that had appeared threatened.

Recently, France met with Germany’s President Merkel. Macron meeting to discuss important issues still had targeted turkey.

The people of France, on the other hand, believe that the heads of state should end their political conflicts with other countries. Especially France has been showing significant signs of financial crisis lately.


President Erdogan, for the good news that he would explain Friday, “I hope Friday predicts that we will be confronted to give a gospel of our entire nation and I believe that. We’re Currently we dream the dreams of the good news. On Friday I hope this good news by giving our nation a new era in Turkey I already believe it will open, “he used expressions.


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