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Last minute … The world fell on Trump! In the U.S. Internal Confusion

The US Defense Secretary Esper and the previous minister Mattis’s war against Trump caused an earthquake effect on the Pentagon-Washington line. Trump’s move to take the army backfire backfired. Plans are not going as desired!

Donald Trump USA Plan

Expressing that the National Guard is more suited to this task, Esper continued: “I am saying this not only as a Minister of Defense but also as a former soldier and a former National Guard.”

Esper’s rebellion created an earthquake effect in the White House. “It is only under the authority of the president to implement the Revolt Act,” said Press Spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany. Spokesman McEnany answered questions about whether these words shake Trump’s trust in Esper, “I am sure that you will know it first if the Minister loses trust in Esper.”

Hours after the televised live broadcasts, the Pentagon’s No. 1 Esper gave up its decision to withdraw troops from the capital Washington. Speaking to the Associated Press (AP) news agency, Land Forces Commander Ryan McCarthy said that 200 of the 1,600 troops in Washington are preparing to retreat on Wednesday, but Minister Esper ordered to stay in.

At the same time, a voice recording of Esper leaked to the press. “The sooner you gather and dominate the battlefield, the faster the field gets emptied and we can get back to normal,” the Defense Minister said in the recording. The voice recording is from a telephone conversation that Esper had with the White House while protests continued in many cities across the country, including Washington.

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and Chief of General Staff Mark Milley, He is also criticized for accompanying President Trump, with a Bible in front of the St. Johns Church. Senior defense officials say neither Esper nor Milley had any intention of being there at the time the photograph was taken, they were called to the White House to meet with the president when they traveled to the Washington office of the Federal Investigation Agency (FBI). . “I didn’t know where I was going,” said Esper, speaking to the NBC channel.

In the USA, where the agenda is dust and smoke

The hardest exit against Trump in the USA, where the agenda was dust and smoke, came from ex-soldier Jim Mattis, who was sitting in the seat of the Defense Ministry before Mark Esper. Mattis, who previously approached direct criticism from a current president, broke his silence after the events of George Floyd and said that Trump was trying to divide the United States.

Mattis, who resigned from the post of the Ministry of Defense in 2018, published in The Atlantic magazine’s statement, “Donald Trump is the only president I have ever seen in my life who does not try to unite the American people and does not even seem to be working. Instead, he tries to divide.

We witness the consequences of this division effort, which has been going on deliberately for three years. The events we see are the result of the existence of an immature management for three years. We should ask the leaders who made fun of our constitution. “

The Nazi era of the USA looks like Germany

Mattis, who made a comparison with the US war against Nazi-era Germany, stated that before the Normandy Landing, US soldiers were reminded that “the Nazi slogan aimed at destroying us was” divide and conquer “”.

The retired general also reacted to Trump’s photo taken with the Bible in his hands and the names of the US army currently under control and Esper’s ‘battlefield’ expression: “We must reject any thought to characterize our cities as a battlefield. As we have said, militarizing our response to protests creates a false conflict between the military and civil society. “

President Trump responded to Twitter as his ex-minister’s words expected and erupted: “Probably my only common point with Barack Obama is that we both have the honor to fire the most extravagant general of the world, Jim Mattis, and I am very pleased with that I stayed.

His nickname was “chaos” which I disliked and changed to “Rabid Dog”. I gave him a new life, new jobs, new battles to win, but he rarely succeeded. I did not like his leadership or personality, and most people also agreed. Good thing it’s gone. “

White House Spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany

White House Spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany, on her Twitter account, said, “Former Minister Mattis’ statement is nothing but his own advertisement to take the heart of the DC elite. President Trump is the head of law and order, and has established peace in the streets of our country. Small words of Mattis he is faint against his strong steps “.

The analysis of Jake Horton from BBC Reality Check is as follows:

“Can the US President deploy the army? Short answer: yes under certain circumstances. There are thousands of National Guard already on the streets of the USA. These are the US army’s reserve forces. National Guards on the streets in more than 20 states have been called in by the governments of the states or cities in question. .

However, a law that was approved 213 years ago allows the US federal government to put the army on the streets without calling local governments under certain conditions. According to this law, the Law on Revolt, the US president does not need the approval of local governments to put the army on the street if he thinks that the situation in a state has endangered the enforcement of federal laws or citizens’ rights.

Law enacted in 1807

This law, enacted in 1807, allowed the president to form militia forces against ‘the hostile influx of American natives’. It was later changed to a state that allowed the US army to be taken to the streets in cases of internal turmoil.

Another law enacted in 1878 attributes the use of the army to the Congress’s approval. However, a law expert speaking to the BBC said that the Revolt Act gave the US president the necessary authority to put the army on the street, and did not need Congress’ approval.

Has this law been used before?

According to the Congressional Research Department, the US army has been appointed dozens of times using the law in question. The last one was almost 30 years ago, during the riots in Los Angeles in 1992. Former US President George H. W. Bush had commissioned the army to suppress the rebellion.


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