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Legendary boxer Mike Tyson prayed with Badou Jack

Badou Jack with Mike Tyson (prayed)

Preparing to return to the rings 15 years after his retirement and continuing his studies, 54-year-old sports and boxing world legend Mike Tyson prayed with Swedish boxer Badou Jack. Jack dropped the note “I pray side by side with my brothers” on the video post he prayed with Tyson on social media.

Mike Tyson is trying to have a fit body despite his advanced age. He advises many followers on social media with the right diet. Muslim Mike had recently stated that praying gave him peace of mind.

The video of Mike Tyson, who is planning to return to the rings 15 years after his retirement decision, while praying became the agenda on social media. Swedish boxer Badou Jack shared a video of his prayers with American legend Mike Tyson on his social media account. The video gained thousands of likes in a short time.


Jack dropped the note “I pray side by side with my brothers” while sharing the video of his prayers with Mike Tyson, one of the best boxers in the world.


54-year-old Tyson, who was preparing to return to the rings he said goodbye to in 2005 and will encounter Roy Jones Jr., became a Muslim in the prison he entered in 1990 and took the name Malik Abdulaziz.

Boxer sport’s legendary name Mike Tyson has recently signed agreements with many advertising companies. Despite his advancing age, the successful Boxer is still a legend.


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