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Legendary TV series The Queen’s Gambit by Netflix

Netflix Production The Queen’s Gambit is an American dramatic television miniseries based on Walter Tevis’s 1983 novel of the same name. It was created by Scott Frank and Allan Scott and aired on Netflix on October 23, 2020.

Queen’s Gambit Catches IMDb Summit

The miniseries The Queen’s Gambit does not lose its top spot on IMDb’s list of most popular TV shows.

Netflix’s 7-episode miniseries The Queen’s Gambit continues to lead the list of the most popular TV shows on IMDb. Adapted from Walter Tevis’s novel of the same name, the production became one of the most watched Netflix TV series in many countries. As you know, ‘Queen’s Gambit’ has become one of the most watched content of Netflix in recent days.

In the series, we watch the chess passion and life of a 9-year-old girl who was orphaned until she became an adult woman. The series, inspired by Walter Tevis’s novel of the same name, consists of a single season of seven episodes.

In the series; Successful young names such as Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Jacob Fortune-Lloyd, and Anya Taylor-Joy. In the series where we watch how intelligence and ambition evolve the person, we especially admire Anya Taylor-Joy’s acting.

Beth Harmon in ‘The Queen’s Gambit: Anya Taylor-Joy draws attention with her character

Let’s get to know Anya Taylor-Joy, the star of ‘The Queen’s Gambit’, which has been in the first place on Netflix’s Top 10 list for a long time. Anya Joy plays a character named Beth Harmon in this series that is guaranteed to be finished in one breath.

Beth Harmon in the series is our chess lover and clever girl. You can accompany this chess adventure that started at a young age during the first season. Although many of us know him with ‘The Queen’s Gambit’, they have been involved in many important productions.

Anya Taylor-Joy Biography

She met with the audience in films such as ‘The Witch’, ‘Split’ and ‘Glass’ and important series such as ‘Peaky Blinders’. Anya was born in Miami in 1996 but grew up in Buenos Aires. His mother tongue was Spanish until he moved to London.

Anya Joy, who stepped into acting for the first time in 2014, fascinates herself with her acting in every production. We were very impressed by her beauty.

Queen’s Gambit Details

  • Scott Frank sits in the director’s chair of the series, which took place in the 1960s.
  • Adapted from Walter Tevis’s novel of the same name published in 1983, The Queen’s Gambit tells the journey of a chess genius while making chess interesting for everyone. The mini-series, starring Anya Taylor-Joy (Emma, ​​Peaky Blinders), turns all the disadvantages that may arise from being a period story focusing on a slow-paced game like chess, one by one. Just as Elizabeth Harmon reversed her life, which started with tragedies, by directing her endless anger and obsessions to the right places.
  • The story of the series is generally career-oriented. We follow Beth, whom we know with her tragic event, to the greatest victory of her life, and watch her put chess at the center of her life and calm all her anger against life with chess. Therefore, the bond Beth and the audience will establish with her is very important in terms of the impact the drama has. At this point, Anya-Taylor Joy’s performance, which put the fire of Beth’s anger into her dull expression, comes to the fore.
Legendary TV series The Queen’s Gambit by Netflix

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