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Lilly Becker Caught With Her Hot Poses

Sexy photos of former model Lilly Becker untying her bikini strings at sea

Former model Lilly Becker, enjoying a vacation in Sardegna, Italy, caught the lens badly. While the famous name wanted to enjoy the water, she slipped over her white bikini and her breasts appeared.

The old model intervened with her hand when her breasts appeared while on vacation. Despite her aging, the beautiful model still maintains her fit body.

Lilly Becker, ex-wife of one-time tennis star Boris Becker, was badly caught during a vacation in Italy. Lilly Becker enjoyed a boat tour in Sardegna, Italy, after a bitter argument with ex-husband Boris’s new girlfriend, Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro.


The free kick became inevitable when she unraveled the strings of her white bikini, who entered the sea from the boat and spent time on the surfboard. Becker’s bikini slipped over her and her breasts appeared.


Becker, 44, who was spotted by the tabloid press, did not care much about this and continued to rest on his boat from the sea.

Lilly Becker Is Criticized For Not Following KORONA PRECAUTIONS

The famous name has been spotted partying with friends for the last two weeks. This situation is criticized for being careless and not caring about the coronavirus. Lilly has been criticized by many of her followers on social media.


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