Lionel Messi’s sexy fan rebelled against Barcelona management

Reaction to Barcelona management from a fan who had Messi's photo tattooed on her groin: It is treated like garbage!

Brazilian model Suzy Cortez, known for her Messi admiration and the incident when the star football player tattooed her crotch, lashed out at the Catalan team after the Argentine star decided to leave Barcelona.

Speaking to the British press, Cortez said Messi has done everything for Barcelona so far and will not support the Catalan team as long as Josep Maria Bartomeu is president.

Cortez, who said that the 33-year-old Argentinian player will allegedly support Manchester City from now on, said, “Now I am City’s most fantastic fan. Barcelona would not have even joined the Champions League in the last 5 years without Messi. The best player in history is treated as garbage by Barcelona.” said.

Stating that Messi supports the decision to leave, Cortez said, “I’m sorry for the way she treated Messi and Suarez. I love Barcelona, but as long as Bartomeu is president, I decided not to support the club.

I have supported Barcelona since my childhood, but I will never stop being with the person who is my biggest idol in sports, “she said.

Suzy Cortez: Barcelona management goes wrong

The 30-year-old model, who continues to criticize the Barcelona president, said, “Bartomeu and Abidal destroyed the whole good team and now because of them, the best of all time will leave Catalonia. This is a pity for all Barcelona fans around the world like me.” .

In 2016, Suzy Cortez, who attracted Messi’s reaction with the photos she shared and the messages she sent, and could not prevent the Argentine star from preventing herself from social media, showed her admiration by tattooing Messi’s silhouette on the groin area.

Miss BumBum and Messi mega-fan Suzy Cortez is ready to turn her famous backside on childhood team Barcelona and support her idol following his transfer request.

Stunning Suzy, 30, told SunSport: “As long as Josep Maria Bartomeu is president of Barcelona, ​​I will not wear the shirt or celebrate their victories or titles.

“I am now the most fantastic fan of Mancheter City.

“Messi did everything for Barcelona. Without Messi in the last five years we wouldn’t even be able to qualify for the Europa League.


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