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Local and Foreign Players You Will Never Be Surprised When You Learn That Charisma Is A Self-Taught ‘Taurus’ Sign

Isn’t it what you think of when you say Taurus, features like food-loving, comfort, warmth, humanity and endurance? It is as if these traits are embodied in someone.

1. George Clooney is an example of how bull-man is cool enough to instantly capture the environment he enters.

May 6, 1961

2. They have a natural charisma that does not need a gaudy. Isn’t Al Pacino the best example of this?

April 25, 1940

3. This charisma does not only come from appearance, from sitting. They have a great self-confidence. Because they deserve it, like Demet Evgar. . .

May 19, 1980

4. If Taurus wants, she can be as enthusiastic and stubborn as Uma Thurman. . .

April 29, 1970

5. If he wants, he is calm, haughty and humane like Aslı Enver.

May 10, 1984

6. If they listen to themselves, they are very successful. If you are going to listen to a story, listen to them, like Cem Yılmaz. . .

April 23, 1973

7. They are ambitious, it will not be difficult for them to climb the steps of success. Like Nilay Deniz, they rise rapidly at a young age.

May 3, 1993

8. Or, like Özcan Deniz, they try to do their best to those who say that you cannot do this profession.

May 19, 1972

9. They may be frustrated when they are sexiest. Have you ever heard of Penélope Cruz going crazy?

April 28, 1974

10. So are you surprised when you learn that Ayhan Işık is a Taurus? We would have guessed that one of our most charismatic actors ever, even if they didn’t say it was Taurus.

May 5, 1929

11. They can spend their lives with their loved ones without getting into too much trouble and chaos. For example, what did you hear about Bülent İnal?

May 19, 1973

12. Especially Taurus men like Halit Ergenç are an extremely good family man. They do not hesitate to show love to their spouses and children.

April 30, 1970

13. But for Taurus women, you must first cross the walls. Sanem Çelik does not look how hot but how cold it is. . .

May 18, 1975

14. They are very successful in their work. They can come to these days without staining their professionalism like Fikret Kuşkan.

April 22, 1965

15. There is a warmth in your eyes where you know that you will understand your problem. Doesn’t it feel like if you meet Damla Sönmez somewhere, you are going to chat immediately?

May 3, 1987

16. I wonder why roles with passion and passion always go to Taurus men. Murat Han is one of them. . .

May 1, 1975

17. Being sexy is not only for men, of course. There is a huge Megan Fox in Taurus!

May 16, 1986

18. What about the sex-loving feature and Nuri Alço being a bull? Ahahahahahahaha to!

April 26, 1951


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