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Lost climber’s backpack and tracksuit reached

Fikret Emre, one of the athletes of Fethiye Lycian Mountaineering and Nature Sports Specialization Club, went up to Mount Mendos for training in the morning on May 12. Since Emre did not return home and did not answer his phone after 2 days, his relatives asked for help from 112 Emergency Call Center. As it is a steep area, gendarmerie, Muğla Provincial Disaster and Emergency Directorate (AFAD) and Search and Rescue Association (AKUT) teams were sent to the region. Reaching the region, the teams started the search and rescue works on the terrain that the climber was supposed to go. Search and rescue efforts, which were carried out with difficulty in the district where the air temperature was measured 38 degrees, continued today. In the activities supported by the members of Zirve Mountaineering and Nature Sports Specialization Club, Lycian Mountaineering and Nature Sports Specialization Clubs, the backpack and climbing tracksuit of the athlete were reached in the Mines region of Mendos Mountain.


At their home in the Karapınar neighborhood of Fethiye, mother Füsun Tanrıkulu is waiting for the happy news from her son in tears. Yıldırım Beyazıt Umurtağ, the President of Fethiye Lycian Mountaineering and Nature Sports Specialization Club, does not leave Tanrıkulu alone for a moment. President Umurtağ stated that they created a search and rescue team of 30 people after the loss report and said, “We started to support our other institutions. We continued to work in the caves in a sharp valley on Sunday, May 17. We learned that the rescue (JAK) teams gave information that a shepherd had seen Fikret. We concentrated our work in this region. “Our salvation efforts continue without interruption despite the hot weather.”

Anne Füsun Tanrıkulu said, “I do not believe that there will be any harm in nature and loss of life to my son. He was going to camps before. He was a child who climbed with his friends to explore the region. Fikret’s past is full of success. In the morning, after he was prepared at home, he came out and said that he would return after the camp. We searched the mountain for 2 days, and reported the loss, “he said. On the other hand, Turkey Mountaineering Federation President Prof. Dr. It was learned that Ersan Başar is following the process closely.


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