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Majority of Americans support George Floyd demonstrations, disapproving Trump’s position

It turned out that the majority in the U.S. supported the protests against black George George’s death from police violence and did not approve of President Donald Trump’s attitude towards the protests.

Protesters and President Broken!

In a poll conducted by Reuters in collaboration with Ipsos, the public protests spread across the country after Floyd’s murder in Minnesota and his views on Trump’s attitude were examined.

According to a survey of 1004 people in the U.S. on Monday and Tuesday, 64 percent of Americans said they “sympathized with the protesters”, while 27 percent said they did not support the protests, and 9 percent said they were “undecided”.

In addition, 55 percent of the American people reported that Trump opposes the attitude towards the protests, while 33 percent said they liked Donald Trump’s attitude. On the other hand, 12 percent of them expressed as “unstable”.

Donald trump quickly began to lose votes. Especially, many people send death threats to him and his team. The states are close to demanding their independence!

The cry of 'I can't breathe' brought police violence to the agenda

George Floyd, 46, was imprisoned in Minneapolis on May 25 for suspicion of fraud and begged “I can’t breathe” for a long time because a policeman stepped on his neck with a knee.

It was announced that Floyd died in the hospital where he was removed by the emergency medical teams coming to the scene, and the images recorded by the passers-by on their mobile phones had received great reactions on social media. The images have reignited police violence discussions against blacks in the country and led to protests in many cities, especially in Minneapolis.

Due to the protests across the country turning into violent incidents and looting, “curfew” was declared in many cities and National Guards were assigned. Trump also announced on Monday that he has appointed thousands of heavily armed soldiers to respond to incidents in Washington DC.

Conflicts Between US Activists and Soldiers!

In the USA, especially in the New York area, the peeling of many shopping malls and ATMs has started to increase. Many activists started plundering the area. With Trump’s approval, the soldier began to intervene in the cities. Many regions have dead and semi-reports. There are many hit shooters on social media!

With the approval of Donald Trump, the US Soldier came to bring democracy to his country. Especially, many of the activists are firing real bullets. The malls in the regions are all looted. As people flee to their homes, demonstrators are afraid to engage in clashes with soldiers and police!

Anti-racist action has gone into a different dimension. The purpose of the action within some states turned to theft. It turns out that many white-skinned people take part in acts for theft!


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