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Management takes action in Beşiktaş; ‘Sacrifice’ time

Life came to a standstill due to the coronavirus, which affected the whole world, football clubs were among the most affected. . . While the leagues were interrupted, many clubs of the world had great economic difficulties, and in the Super League, the clubs began to take financial precautions. During the call for everyone to stay at their homes; Considering the economic situation after the match, broadcasting, ticket and store revenues are clogged, Beşiktaş Club will take concrete steps from tomorrow to make a reduction in salaries from its players.

Budget is halved

Black-Whites decided to cut their 30 million Euro salary budget by half due to the troubled economic conditions of the club, and they will have discount negotiations over videoconference with the players and menacers. It was noted that the meetings planned to be held at the facilities in the first place will be held with a new formula after the facility was closed yesterday, after 2 virus was detected in the club.

Elneny will not be affected

Accordingly, it was learned that 50 percent discount will be requested from football players with salaries over 2 million Euros in the club. From this move of the management; Domagoj Vida, with a salary of 3 million Euros, is mainly; Adem Ljajic with a fee of 2 million Euros and captain Burak Yilmaz with 2.5 million Euros will be affected. At the beginning of the season, there will be no move for the Egyptian player’s salary of 2 million Euros, as the roads will be separated at the end of the period with Mohamed Elneny, who was hired from the English Premier League team Arsenal.

Footballers submitted their demands

Black and White management determined that the discount rate for football players whose salary is below 2 million Euros is 30 percent. The number of football players from Beşiktaş who viewed the discount positively as a team was determined among themselves. It was stated that the discount rate that the players reported to the management was 20 percent.


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