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Manchester City’s Phil Foden messages exposed in hotel scandal

Messages from Phil Foden of Manchester City involved in the hotel scandal!

National teammate Mason team off Phil Fodé’s girlfriend from the uninformed way another daughter also appeared to try to have a relationship before the Turkey match for Greenwood brought the two girlfriends in hotels owned by the England national team they disagree with.

The messages he sent to the English football player prostitutes were exposed. Phil Foden, who did not comment on the incident, remains silent.

It was learned that Phil Foden, who was excluded from the squad for bringing his two girl friends to the hotel belonging to the England national team, with his national teammate Mason Greenwood, was also trying to have a relationship with another girl, unaware of his girlfriend.

Lucy Jones, a make-up expert, shared the message “I can’t wait to meet you at the hotel”, which was sent to her on snapchat, saying that Foden had texted her and then invited her to the hotel after chatting for a while.

He sent messages to beautiful models in September

Lucky, English footballer last year in September that Turkey and played between England U21 match before his messages horse, they started to talk a little later to meet with Phil himself has set up a restaurant in Italy, but she prepares to meet with his friends and he had a son learned He said he had ended the relationship.


Lucky Jones said that he liked the fact that a football player who played in Manchester City always gave him compliments and sometimes even sent him pictures of him in underwear and pajamas, but he finished everything when he learned that Phil was lying to him.


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