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Margaux Alexandra social media photos liked by her followers

“Margaux Alexandra”, who lives in love with the world-famous footballer, has been liked by her followers.

Margaux Alexandra Patrice Evra

Patrice Evra, a former football player who has been married for 13 years, was caught very badly with Dutch model Margaux Alexandra in a cafe in London.

Evra, former player of Manchester United and France National Team, met with Dutch model Margaux Alexandra in a cafe in London.

It is noteworthy that Evra, who has been married for 13 years, is quite close to Margaux Alexandra.

As Margaux Alexandra later got up and hugged Evra, the close contact of the two continued here as well. Evra and Margaux Alexandra later left the cafe and got in the same car.

Patrice Evra had married Sandra Evra in 2007.

Margaux alexandra Model

Margaux Alexandra has agreements with many advertising companies. The beautiful model is now known by the famous football player. Currently, they have agreements with many brands in the modeling business that it started before.

It draws attention especially with the photo sharing it made on Instagram. He earns high fees with his agreement with many advertising companies.

On the other hand, it was claimed that they met Patrice evra on Instagram. This relationship, which is on the agenda in social media, draws attention to the story of a deception.

Margaux Alexandra draws attention with its natural beauty. It proves its beauty especially with its make-up. The model with an athletic body is featured in advertising clips for many different sectors.

Margaux Alexandra New Jobs

Beautiful model Margaux Alexandra is now claimed to sign deals with many different advertising companies. The claim that banning love, especially with the famous football player, allows him to get a job in different companies, has been widely discussed.


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