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Mia Khalifa lost her crown to Lana Rhoades

Mia Khalifa and Lana Rhoades topped again in 2020

Mia Khalifa, one of the most important actors in the adult film industry, has been among the most sought after names for years. Mia Khalifa left her crown to another name in 2020.

Famous adult movie stars are still not forgotten in the industry. Especially with their beauty and body, they managed to be the best adult movie stars.

Lana, who was at the top of the summit in 2019, came to the top again!

The hugely popular Mia Khalifa took over years later and Lana Rhoades became the most sought-after adult film actress of 2020.

Lana Rohades, whose videos were watched 345 million 629 thousand times according to 2019 data of a popular site providing adult movie content, was ranked 4th last year.

Mia Khalifa remained in second place this year, while Riley Reid came in third.

It was considered a surprise that Mia Khalifa, the most watched name in the porn industry, lost her crown.

Mia Khalifa and Lana Rhoades left their adult movies!

Mia Khalifa and Lana Rhoades left the adult film industry completely in 2019. In particular, they argued that injustice and abuse of women in the porn industry must end. Two beauties are modeling now. Lana in particular created her own brand. Like many clothing brands, the adult movie star has now created its own brand.

Mia Khalifa, on the other hand, is a sports commentator and a model from social media. The former porn star, who is thought to be getting married soon, is currently dealing with many lawsuits. He especially sued many porn companies who wronged him. Many cases are still expected to be resolved.

The porn star explained why she left the industry 4 years later. In addition, a petition was launched to remove porn videos of Mia Khalifa, who received death threats from IS. The event, which was on the agenda in social media, took place in many news headlines. The former adult movie star stated that he was very ashamed of his past and that their freedom was restricted.


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