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‘Mighty Ducks’ star Shaun Weiss returns to his old days

'Mighty Ducks' star Shaun Weiss changes his bad life

“Mighty Ducks” star Shaun Weiss has been sober for more than 200 days and looks healthier and happier in a surprising new photo.

Having faced a number of hurdles in the fight against addiction in recent years, the actress was smiling in a photo shared by her friend Drew Gallagher on Thursday. In the picture, Weiss, 42, looked almost unrecognizable compared to the trophy shot caused by an arrest in January. Now she looks like she has a fuller face and a brand new set of teeth.

“Weiss is growing. Her face and mouth feel ‘softened flesh’ as ​​she heals after each mouth surgery, but she feels blessed to get a new set of permanent teeth. Her progress has been smooth and steady and in very good shape. 225 days sober. More pictures soon. and the video, ”Gallagher wrote on Facebook.

Gallagher announced in late August that Weiss had surgery to get her new upper teeth installed. He thanked his doctor and his fans for “supporting him along the way.”

Shaun Weiss gets support from fans

Gallagher created a GoFundMe page in January to help save Weiss’ life. The friend claimed that the actor turned to drugs and became depressed after losing his family.

“Before long, Shaun was sleeping on my sofa and on the streets where he was eventually beaten and any of his belongings stolen,” Gallagher said.

At the time, Gallagher shared a worried photo of Weiss, who looked thin. The GoFundMe page has raised over $ 13,000, and Gallagher confirmed last month that the money will be spent on “sober living and buying food.”

“It’s still a long way to go, but it’s getting bigger every week!” added friend.

In March, Weiss was reported to be released from a prison in Yuba County, California, to go to a rehabilitation facility in Orange County. His treatment was reported to include a week of detox for the star followed by 90 days at a treatment facility.

After that, reports said that living in a home would remain on an intensive outpatient-partial care program before being transferred soberly.

He was arrested in January in Marysville, California, for gaining access to the person’s garage and cars.

Why was Shaun Weiss arrested

The incident comes after two other arrests in 2018. One was due to public drunkenness and the other to theft.

Weiss is best known as Greg Goldberg, the goalkeeper in the “Mighty Ducks” series.


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