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Mike Tyson tried to beat Donald Trump!

The events that started after black George George died as a result of police violence in Minneapolis, USA, have increased to scary dimensions. In the country where hundreds of thousands of people clashed with the police on the streets, cities were burned down and police vehicles set on fire. Famous boxer Mike Tyson previously beat Donald Trump!

Mike Tyson and Donald Trump

“If the state administrations call, our army is ready and willing to stop the events. Our troops can quickly get there,” US President Donald Trump said in a statement.

In the course of the events, American journalist, writer and television commentator Timothy L. O’Brien’s striking statements about the business relationship between US President Donald Trump and ex-heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson came up.

Mike Tyson announced on July 11, 1988 that he was holding Donald Trump as a personal financial advisor and chief strategist. According to the deal, Trump would advise Tyson on how to manage his wealth and guide his career.


Trump initially funded the unforgettable fight that Mike Tyson overthrew Michael Olympks, ex-champion in 91 seconds. With this win, Tyson became the first boxer to win the WBC (World Boxing Council), WBA (World Boxing Federation) and IBF (International Boxing Federation) belt.

Spending $ 11 million for the organization, Trump earned Tyson $ 26 million after a match watched by more than 21,000 people. After the match, Tyson fired his manager Cayton and started his journey with Donald Trump.

However, the claim that Donald Trump was with Mike Tyson’s wife, the American actress and model Robin Givens, ended their business relationship. Tyson goes to Trump’s New York office, “Are you with my wife?” He said he got up to beat.

Although it is not known how Donald Trump answered this question, the friendship between the two still continues. The US President wrote the comment “Keep hitting Mike” in a video that Tyson trained in May.


In 1992, Tyson was sentenced to 6 years in prison on charges of raping a candidate for beauty pageant. As the whole world became angry, Trump backed out by saying, “Let it practice and fight, and donate the money it earns to a charity that helps rape victims.”

During his presidential campaign in 2015, Tyson responded to his well-being by supporting Trump, who was stuck in the corner because of his Islamophobic rhetoric, as a boxer who was a Muslim a while ago.

Mike Tyson married Robin Givens

Mike Tyson was married 11 months after they met Robin Givens. According to Tyson, when Givens announced that she was pregnant, the couple held a wedding with a sudden decision. Tyson had invested £ 3 million for Robin Givens’ mother in New Jersey, as well as £ 6.5 million in his bank account.

However, after the money exchange, Robin Givens told Mike Tyson that he had a miscarriage. Givens later stated in an interview that he and his mother were afraid of the anger of the famous boxer.

The famous model had filed for divorce shortly after the interview and started dating Brad Pitt before the divorce. When Tyson caught them, Brad Pitt pleaded with him, “Dude don’t hit me”.


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