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Model Ansley Pacheco, thief broke into house, clash broke out

Model Ansley Pacheco fires two robbers who broke into her home and marched on her family

Model Ansley Pacheco broke into her home while lying in her half-naked bedroom. Seeing the thieves handing a gun to his wife and child, the model took his own gun and started shooting. Panic moments of the model were also reflected in the cameras.

On the evening of October 4, 26-year-old American model Ansley Pacheco was lying half-naked in the bedroom of her home in Miami, while her husband, friends, and seven-year-old son were sitting in the living room. Suddenly, the model, who went out of the room and went towards the hall when the sounds coming from the hall, “Get down on the ground, or we will shoot”, saw that the two masked men were pointing guns at their husband, friends and son, immediately rushed to his room and took his pistol.

Ansley, who took his gun, fired at the masked robbers. The robbers also started shooting into the bedroom where the model was located. The famous name, hiding behind the wall, managed to protect himself from incoming bullets.

Model Ansley Pochec: They took the jewels and missed

Responding with guns, the robbers took some valuable items such as jewelry from the house and ran away. The model’s husband, Pacheco, rushed to the bedroom, grabbed the gun from his wife and rushed outside to catch the thieves, but could not reach.

Making a statement after the horrible event of the robbery, Ansley said that it was a great consolation for them that no one from his family and her husband’s friends were injured in the incident. The police have not yet been able to identify the robbers. Ansley and her husband also said that they did not know the robbers and did not know who they were.

Who is Ansley Pacheco? Images of OnlyFans model taken in gunfight with thieves to save their children are trending

She described the awfulness as announced by Local 10, “I went to the end table. I got the weapon and I opened the entryway. I saw one if the folks vis-à-vis with me. He advised me to put my firearm down. I just shook my head no, and afterward I stated, ‘Don’t shoot me, my child is in here’.” Paying no notice to her, the cruel burglars started shooting into the room, with shots hitting a bedhead, wardrobe entryway and TV screen.

“They took shots at me around multiple times, six, seven times,” the model expressed. Generous, her seven-year-old child was spared in the crossfire. “You know, they could’ve murdered him. They could’ve slaughtered me. They couldn’t have cared less by any means,” Pacheco said. “We don’t (know what their identity is), however I truly trust they get captured,” she revealed to Local 10.

As per Daily Mail, the recording shows Pacheco’s better half, Daniel, making a beeline for pursue the robbers outside as they packaged into their escape vehicle. The site specifies that Daniel had visitors over that night. Be that as it may, nobody was harmed. The burglars have not been gotten by the police yet and the couple apparently said they have “no thought” who may be behind the sickening difficulty.

Thieves break into the model Ansley Pocheco house

Images of Ansley Pacheco’s home firing on two robbers walking on her family quickly went viral. Ansley Pocheco filed a criminal complaint about the thieves who broke into his home. He posted videos of thieves entering the hot model house with high wages with Onlyfans. Reddit users are quickly making images viral.


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