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Mom jean combinations and trends

Various combinations are available for high waist, loose-leg trousers, also known as mother’s pants. So what are the details to be considered when combining mom jeans? We brought together all the things that should be known and details that can be applied while combining mom jean with fashion.

Mom jean is one of the most preferred trousers models of our time. The most prominent features of mom jean pants produced in every tone and length are the waist fit. Mom jeans can be combined with thin heels and highlight them. This will enable the pants to be reflected better than the sneakers. However, another suggested combination is to complete t-shirts, shirts and blouses with pieces such as shawls, necklaces and wristbands and gain movement. Mom jeans, one of the most preferred trousers models when creating daily combinations, are one of the easiest parts to combine. With these pieces, both stylish and simple style can be easily created. You can take a closer look at our news for all other combination details:


Mom jean; means mother pants. These trousers with high waist and abundant legs feature are among the most preferred models for the last 2 years. Mom jean models can be combined with sneakers as well as the recommendation mentioned in the upper paragraph. However, a combination with sneakers creates a sports style.

Nowadays, it is obvious that small bags are more prominent than large and wide bags. For this reason, such bags are among the recommended ones in the combination of mom jean.

Although mostly light shades of blue are at the forefront of color, dark tones have already started to appear in the catalogs of famous brands. Suggested; combining these colors with light tone accessories.


Mom jeans will provide a very stylish and assertive look with heels and slippers in the summer season. When creating a combination with these pieces, the curl of the legs is preferred.

To give full attention to the waist shade, the belt accessory can be used. Although it is desired not to fold the legs, a high-top trainer with convers or high sole may be preferred.


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