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While the razors cause ingrown hairs and a sticky mess on the wax, epilation devices provide a soft and smooth skin without messing around. If you have not tried epilator devices for fear of pain before, it is time to put an end to this! Since we cannot go to the care and beauty salons during the social isolation period, we now have to handle our own business. So how do epilation devices work and where should we start? After this article, where we answer all the questions in your mind, you can turn your home into a beauty salon that is not as amateur as you think.


Epilation devices that resemble an electric shaver are thought to be quite hurt. Unlike razors, epilators pull out unwanted hair from the root, creating a smoother look. Epilators use a rotating barrel and tweezer mechanics to root out unwanted hair, unlike shaves that cut hair from skin level. These devices, which are covered with tweezers, tear off the hairs to leave your skin smooth and glabrous while turning. If you can withstand the removal of your eyebrows, we are sure that you will also get used to the pull of epilation devices! If you are avoiding waxing because you have a sensitive skin structure, we recommend that you turn to soft-headed epilation devices for sensitive skin. As your skin gets used to this process over time, your hair will become thinner. Don’t forget to take a warm shower before using your epilator!

How often should you use epilators?

It depends on the frequency of your hair growth and the device you use. However, the results usually take up to four weeks, much longer than the razor method! You can develop a routine when using an epilation device to get your skin getting used to and feel less pain over time. After the epilation method, your hair will be less and thinner, so the more you do, the process will be much shorter and easier over time.


Just like trying a new skincare product, it’s good to be careful when making changes to your care routine. Epilation method is generally suitable for everyone, but if you have skin sensitivity or irritation, we recommend that you get a doctor consultation beforehand. You can use low speed functions when applying epilator devices on sensitive skin areas. While it is recommended to keep the devices designed for the body away from your eyes and forehead, you can choose the devices that target the face for these areas. To reduce the pain as much as possible, you can exfoliate your skin 24-48 hours before removing the dead skin and the hair trapped under the dead cells. So you can get a smoother and painless process. In addition, the body scanning method allows you to achieve more efficient results by increasing blood circulation in your skin and strengthening the lymphatic system drainage. Finally, after your epilation process, you can remove the imitation that occurs on your skin with a non-perfumed moisturizer.


You may have heard of IPL technology as well as the blade and tweezer-tipped epilation devices we are used to. IPL epilator devices that carry laser technology in beauty salons home become more effortless and painless with the developing technology. IPL devices, which reduce the number of hairs growing in the body, can completely remove hairs after repeated applications. IPL, which means ‘Intense Pulsed Light’ meaning ‘Intensified Pulsed Light’, intervenes in the root by making intense and sensitive light pulses. While the laser penetrates a smaller area in one shot, IPL technology takes less time because it applies to a larger area in a single shot. The energy applied from the device to the hair root with white light warms the area you apply, affects the hair follicle cells and pauses the growth of the hair. This technology, which can be applied safely at home, can create a permanent effect even in sensitive areas.

You can examine the epilation devices we have chosen for you in the photogallery …


Satin Skin Pro, 1,473 TL FAKIR fakirstore. com

This epilation device developed with IPL technology can be applied to all parts of your body in a short time. With more than 200,000 light pulses with its adjustable 5 density levels, this device can shorten long hairs.

Getty Images


Satinelle Prestige Epilator, 559. 99 TL PHILIPS philips. Com. t

Satinelle Prestige epilator, which can be used on wet or dry skin, can reach even the shortest hairs up to 0.5 mm. This device, which allows you to remove your hair in the easiest way with its wireless use and S-shaped design, also has a peeling and massage head for special care.

Getty Images


Dermaflash Luxe, £ 180 DERMAFLASH cultbeauty. com. uk

Aiming at unwanted facial hair, this device provides gentle care for your face. Providing skin care while removing unwanted hair on the face, this device is ideal for painless hair removal.

Getty Images


Silk Expert Pro 5 IPL Hair Removal Device, 2,449 TL BRAUN mediamarkt. com

This device, which permanently removes hair with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology, is the only IPL device with SensoAdapt technology. You can have an effective and safe experience with this device, which is sensitive and gentle to your skin.

Getty Images


HI 70 3 in 1 Hair Removal Device, 749 TL BEURER hepiburada. com

Combining epilation, epilator and shaver features, you can apply this device to your dry or wet skin. This device, which cleans even the finest hairs, contains 42 anti-allergic double tweezers.

Getty Images


IPL8500 Hair Removal Device, 2,439 TL REMINGTON technosa. com

Bringing IPL technology to your home, this device provides safe and salon quality hair removal. This device, which provides permanent results in only 3 applications, can be personalized by reading your skin 100 times in 1 second thanks to skin sensors.

Getty Images


Fuzz Off 3-in-1 Trimmer, £ 30 MAGNITONE feelunique. com

This compact device is ideal for travels! You can use this device, which allows you to get rid of unwanted hair with three different heads, on your face, eyebrows, armpits and bikini area. This product, which makes it easy to use with its small heads, can be charged via USB.

Getty Images


Electric Hair Removal Tool, 899 TL PANASONIC trendyol. com

This epilator device, which brightens your skin with LED light and facilitates hair removal, can be used with gentle skin protector without wearing your skin. This device, which can catch even the shortest hairs with double disc technology, can also be used in foot care with different heads.

Getty Images


Row Ep9351 Aquaperfect Epilator, 441. 20 TL ROWENTA amazon. Com. t

This epilation device, which is gentle on your skin, facilitates hair removal without irritating the skin with its soft and easy-sliding surface. This device, which can access even the shortest hairs, can be applied on both wet and dry skin.

Getty Images


G960E Homelight Le Skin Sensor IPL Hair Removal, 1,299. 90 TL BABYLISS necker. Com. t

This device, which gives 90% less hair results in 8 sessions with IPL technology, gets rid of unwanted hair easily and quickly with different usage programs. This device, which you can use with different titles according to your skin sensitivity, stands out with its automatic skin type recognition feature.

Getty Images

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