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Famous Model Kinsey Wolanski nude in memory of Kobe Bryant

Model Kinsey Wolonski jumped half naked for NBA legend Kobe Bryant

Model Wolanski, who jumped into the field in the 18th minute of the Champions League final match between Tottenham and Liverpool, suddenly sat on the world agenda. The famous name jumped into the field for Kobe Bryant, who also lost his life this time.

Kinsey Wolanski, who jumped on the field in the semi-nude final match played between Liverpool and Tottenham in Madrid, has now done a different activity in memory of the famous basketball player. Kobe was always preparing for another naked show, amongst his slogans in our hearts.

Kinsey Wolanski, who jumped halfway naked in the Champions League final match between Liverpool and Tottenham in Madrid, was suddenly on the global agenda.

The photos taken at the time became news all over the world, and he earned millions of dollars for his lover thanks to the advertisement on the field.
Kinsey Wolanski, advertising a site, unexpectedly reached millions of new followers on Instagram after the news.
Following the subsequent reactions, Instagram management decided to block access to Kinsey Wolanski’s account.
Kinsey Wolanski suddenly appeared after the 41-year-old retired basketball player Kobe Bryant’s death that broke the world.


Wolanski, who jumped to the ground where the competition was organized with the banner “RIP LEGEND KOBE”, which was attributed to Kobe Bryant who died as a result of a helicopter accident on the morning of January 26, was taken out by the security forces.
We will never forget that Legend. It was an honor for me that I jumped again. (He used his expressions) .

Kinsey Wolanski, who entered the field and became a phenomenon, shared the painful truth this time on Instagram

Kinsey Wolanski, who entered the field in the Champions League final and drew all the attention, had an unfortunate incident. After Wolanski’s move, his Instagram account jumped from 300 thousand followers to 3 million.

The phenomenal model did not behave in the past days and entered the track in the Men’s Ski World Cup. This time Kinsey was holding a mini banner that read “Rest for peace Kobe”.

Kinsey Wolanski, who has become an Instagram phenomenon, announced that he broke his wrist from his Instagram account.

Wolanski, who stated that he landed in reverse while jumping with a parachute, said, “There was a very windy weather, I fell from a height of 6 meters. I broke my ankle. ”

kinsey wolanski net worth

Kinsey Wolanski has collected a lot of wealth in his life. As of 2020, it is enjoying a net worth estimated to be around $ 300-400 thousand. Kinsey is trying to be on the agenda with many different activities in social media. Especially after her nude moves, she managed to increase her net worth.


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