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New detail about the death of Naya Rivera, whose body was found in the lake

New detail about the death of Naya Rivera, whose body was found in the lake! He raised his arm and shouted for help

The autopsy report of Naya Rivera, who went to Lake Piru in California with her son Josey Hollis Dorsey last month and whose body was found on July 13, was completed. It was concluded that the beautiful actress asked for help by raising her arm and shouting after taking her son on the boat, but disappeared in the lake after a while.

New details about the death of actress Naya Rivera, whose character of “Santana Lopez”, which she portrayed in the TV series “Glee”, is engraved in the memory has been reached. The allegations that emerged resulted in the revision of the information about the death.

Report of Ventura County Forensic Medicine; He revealed what Naya Rivera, who passed away at the age of 33, lived at that moment.

The police also took into account what her 4-year-old son Josey, who was with Rivera at the time, told her.

On 8 July, Naya Rivera took her son and went to Lake Piru. Rivera, who rented a boat here, went out to the lake with her son.

Hours later, the driver of another boat sailing on the lake found Rivera’s son asleep on the boat they rented. Rivera was out of sight.

The other boat operator, who suspected the incident, immediately reported the incident to the police, and news was heard that Naya Rdvera was missing. After days of searching, the lifeless body of the actor was found. The death of Rivera, known to be a good swimmer, drowned his fans and fans in mourning.

According to the news in People magazine, Rivera’s son Josey, who is from his ex-wife Ryan Dorsey, told the police about those moments by saying, “We said one, two, three and jumped off the boat.”

According to the report of the police; Shortly after jumping into the lake, Rivera told his son to return to the boat immediately. He even helped him get on the boat. Naya Rivera raised an arm in the air for help after her son got on the boat and started yelling. Then he disappeared in the waters of the lake.

According to the official report; There was no serious problem with Naya Rivera’s health. But it was also taken into account that these attacks of Rivera, who suffered from vertigo (dizziness), could have become uncontrollable when she entered the lake. It was also stated that the young woman used medication for her vertigo problem and actually knew how to keep her condition under control.

It was stated that Rivera, who used drugs for anxiety, took prescription drugs to treat sinus infection in his last days. In the report; There was also information that the actor smoked a pack of cigarettes a week. It has also been reported that Rivera had no previous suicidal tendencies.

In the research on the boat; Rivera’s cell phone, identity card, and syringes containing pink liquid were also found. In addition, the prescription receipt containing amphetamines, one empty and the other open and more than half full alcohol can are among those found on the boat that the player rented.

The actor’s toxicology report also included information that he had low doses of amphetamines, appetite suppressants and caffeine in his blood. Being a good swimmer, Naya Rivera’s death cause was recorded as accidental death.


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