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New season product promotion images of the famous clothing brand received great criticism

After the world-famous Gucci brand designed clothes for men, Zara

The Zara brand, which shared the new season product promotion images of the famous clothing brand, drew reaction on social media. Zara, who shares the products specially designed by the Gucci brand for men, has been criticized by social media users.

After the world-famous Gucci brand designed special clothes for men, Zara’s blazer jacket promotions, while wearing only underwear on the models, drew reaction.

New trends in the fashion industry, which has changed frequently in recent years, started to push the limits of the citizens. Zara, one of the world famous brands, surprised those who saw the shots of the new season product promotions.

While Zara was shooting blazer jackets on her online sales page, some models were not even dressed in underwear. The brand also dressed some models only in underwear. Social media users who saw Zara’s new season shots trying to break the fashion stereotypes made comments such as “You did not scatter”, “Is this a product shoot?”

Zara recently wore a jacket on the model's head while shooting a tank top:

If you have a dream of being a Zara model, all you have to do is gather everything you know about posing, then throw it away! 🤨 If we say Zara, which does not fall off the agenda of social media with its product shots, is promoting everything other than the product. From houses to coffee tables, from covers to clouds, you can see everything except the product in these shots 😪 Or how about seeing the product you want in the craziest positions? 🤨 Here are Zara models and products that have been on the agenda with strange photo shoots lately …

Gucci menswear sparked controversy

The men’s dress that Gucci added to his new collection to break gender stereotypes in fashion was the event.
Italian fashion giant Gucci is a brand that has always made crazy innovations. This situation has peaked in recent years.

Armine Harutyunyan, one of the brand’s new models last year, was on the agenda for a long time with its extraordinary appearance.

The brand is now on the agenda with the dresses designed for men.

New season Gucci men’s dresses with a price tag of 1,900 euros are designed to break gender identity.


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