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New world order after coronavirus

Details about the new world order after coronavirus

The Covid-19 outbreak has changed the whole world. With this change, new concepts started to enter our lives. These days, the newest concept of our lives is “New normal”.

The new normal is actually a commonly desired concept, but on the other hand, we do not have enough information about what it is or what it should be. In this reality we are still trying to frame the new normal.

The problem is that the New normal that the scientific community describes, wants to be, and the New normal that the political institution wants to implement does not coincide.

Normal also means regular. We want to get out of this unusual situation, that is, the epidemic process, and normalize as soon as possible. We need to start doing this by accepting that an epidemic is a public health problem.

It is not time to try to underestimate the epidemic process, focus on small photos instead of details in the big picture, and write early success stories. We know that the solution of public health problems is possible with good management. It will be the control of the epidemic that will enable it to return to normal.

Is the Prospect for a New World Order Realistic?

It is possible to say that the coronavirus epidemic is the most important development of the 21st century we have seen so far on a global scale. As a matter of fact, this situation leads to comments that the corona epidemic will bring about a global transformation.

When we look at world politics of the last five centuries from the perspective of world orders, we see that three main pillars come to the fore: power distribution, political economy and international norms. While the distribution of power determines the basic course of the competition between (great) powers, the operating rules of the political economy system and international norms directly determine the processes of international socialization. For example, in a system where the distribution of power is shared between more than three states, the world order is multi-polar, bipolar when shared between two powers, and unipolar when concentrated in a single actor. When the world history of the last five centuries is viewed in terms of polarity change, it is not possible to talk about the existence of another system that has lasted for a long time apart from these three examples. It is seen that the basic dynamic that enables the transition of the world order from one type of polarity to another is war.

In order for the post-corona world order to be replaced with a new one, the corona epidemic must reveal a change in the current power distribution, and in parallel, the actors or actors who will control the economic structure and the structure must realize the structural arrangements that will cause changes in the working mechanisms of the system and create new global regimes in the axis of new norms.

Just as there is no change in the power status of the USA, it is not possible to say that actors like China have reached the status of superpower yet. Of course, it is not possible to say that large and small changes in the power status of all actors on a global scale have a static nature. However, similar major structural changes have not been experienced in the global system, even in the regional subsystems within this system.

If the probability of a new situation arising due to the Corona in the global power distribution is low, we can say that the first and most important pillar of a new world order will continue to remain the same. In this case, the second and third levels we need to look at should be the economy and the global norm. It is actually possible to take a similar approach to economy. Because economy is perhaps the most important power calculation parameter.

New World Order Will there be any changes in the distribution of power?

If there is no possibility of a change in the distribution of power, is it possible for a new world order to emerge instead of the current world order? It is not possible to answer yes to this question. However, we have many reasons to suggest that a global change will occur. We can argue that this change will occur from the change of daily life to our socialization processes, from the change of state functions to the change of many phenomena such as freedom, democracy and nationalism.

world after coronavirus

It has been known for years that many conspiracy theories are related to the “New World Order”. While many conspiracy theories have become reality over time, people now seriously examine these processes.


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