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New Yorker writer Jeffrey Toobin’s masturbation footage at Zoom meeting sparked scandal

Masturbation scandal at Zoom meeting of New Yorker writer Jefrrey Toobin! In the US, New Yorker magazine writer and attorney Jeffrey Toobin allegedly masturbated during his Zoom meeting with his colleagues. In the statement made by the New Yorker, it was stated that Toobin was on unpaid leave.

Jefrrey Toobin masturbates at Zoom meeting

It was stated at the Zoom meeting that he was masturbating; The New Yorker took writer Jeffrey Toobin on unpaid leave.

New Yorker magazine writer and legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin was taken on unpaid leave while conducting an in-house investigation into allegations of masturbation during a Zoom meeting with his colleagues.

“I made an embarrassing, stupid mistake. I thought my camera was closed,” Toobin said in a statement on the subject. Expressing that he thought that no one in his Zoom speech could see him, Toobin apologized to his colleagues and family.

The New Yorker is preparing its weekly podcast on WNYC radio channel. According to Vice’s report, the teams of the two publications took a break while they were having a Zoom meeting on this podcast. According to sources, Toobin switched to a second call and started making phone sex with the other person.

In the news on Vice, Jeffrey Toobin jerked off after taking a break from the Zoom meeting, taking a second call.

“I made an embarrassing, stupid mistake,” Jeffrey Toobin said in a statement on the subject. I thought my camera was turned off. I thought no one in the Zoom talk had seen me. I apologize to my colleagues and family. “

EXPLANATION FROM NEW YORKER After the Masturbation Scandal at Efrrey Toobin's Zoom Meeting

David Remnick, editor-in-chief of the New Yorker magazine, sent an e-mail to his employees, “As you have heard from different sources, our author, Jeff Toobin, was on free leave after the incident in a Zoom speech. We want you to know that we continue to investigate this issue.”

The New Yorker team or Toobin did not comment on what happened at the Zoom meeting.

On the other hand, it was stated that Toobin, who also worked as a senior legal analyst at CNN, received permission.


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