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Nobel Prize in Literature found its winner

The Nobel Prize for Literature, one of the oldest awards in the world, found its owner today.

The Nobel Prize for Literature, one of the most established awards in the world, found its owner today. The award was given to the American poet Louis Glück. In 2018 the Polish writer Olga Tokarczuk won the award in 2019 awarded the Austrian Peter Handke mainly to Turkey was protested by many countries.

This week the Nobel Prizes find their winners… While the awards in the fields of medicine, physics and chemistry have been given to their owners since the beginning of this week, the winner of the award in the literature category has been announced today. The award was given to the US poet Louis Glück.

Literature category in Nobel is the most controversial award category of recent years:

In Nobel, one of the most established awards in the world, the literature category has become the most controversial award category in recent years.

The ceremony was postponed at the Swedish Academy, where a sex and harassment scandal was experienced before the literary awards in 2018, and Polish author Olga Tokarczuk received her award in 2019. The winner of 2019, Austrian author Peter Handke, caused a great debate in the international public opinion.

The award was given to Handke, who expressed his support for Serbs at every opportunity during the Balkan Wars and did not apologize for the war crimes committed by Serbia. Especially Turkey, Albania and decided not to attend the Nobel Prize ceremony in many countries, including Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The 2020 Nobel Prizes have started to find their owners since Monday this year… The Nobel Committee gave the awards in the fields of medicine, physics and chemistry.

British bookmakers cited Canadian poet Anne Carson as the award favorite, while Russian writer Lyudmila Ulitskaya announced that Canadian writer Margaret Atwood and Guadeloupe-born Maryse Conde had a good chance of winning.

Who is Louise Glück?

Born in New York in 1943, the American modern poet Louise Glück grew up on Long Island.

The poet struggled with anorexia nervosa in high school and then recovered.

Glück was educated at Columbia University. Apart from his writer identity, he developed his academic career as a poetry teacher in various institutions.

Considered one of America’s most talented contemporary poets, Glück has been awarded many major literary awards such as the National Humanities Medal, Pulitzer Prize, and National Book Award.

The poet, who made his name known to the world by adding the 2020 Nobel Prize for Literature to his awards, often included people struggling with the consequences of love affairs, negative family experiences and existential despair in his poems.

Glück is visiting professor at Yale University.


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