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Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX developer card goes on sale

Especially after the Raspberry Pi developer card suddenly exploded, the developer card class has become quite common. Nvidia has been preparing its own developer cards at a premium level for a long time.

Jetson Xavier NX features and price

After the $ 999 Jetson AGX Xavier and the $ 129 Jetson Nano developer card, Jetson Xavier is also launching the NX developer card. The Jetson Xavier NX developer card is mostly aimed at those who want to develop artificial intelligence projects.

The Jetson Xavier NX developer board contains a graphics unit consisting of 384 Volta cores. On the processor side, there are structures consisting of 2, 4 or 6 customized cores. 8GB LPDDR4X memory 51. Achieves 2GB / s bandwidth, while 8GB eMMC storage is available.

The version of the Jetson Xavier NX developer card with a 10W TDP value reduces the graphics unit’s speed while hosting a 2 or 4 core processor. Artificial intelligence performance is 14 TOPS. The 15W TDP version includes 2, 4 or 6 customized cores and a faster graphics unit. Artificial intelligence performance is at 21TOPS level. The Jetson Xavier NX developer card will be sold with a $ 399 price tag. The price includes the motherboard plug-in.


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