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Offer from mother of 2 children for money in a ‘sex game’

1 year and 8 months imprisonment for an advertiser who asked the mother of 2 children to undress for money in a 'sex game'

In the incident in Konya, an advertiser offered the woman with whom they had business relations to earn money by playing a ‘sexually explicit game’, and verbally abused her as a result of the rejection of the offer. The advertiser was sentenced to 1 year and 8 months in prison upon the complaint of the mother of two children; but the sentence was suspended for 5 years.

Advertiser Emrah Y. (33), mother of 2 children Ö. He advised Y. (40) to play in a game that was undressed for money, saying ‘celebrities are also playing’, and as a result of Ö.Y.’s refusal, Emrah Y. verbally abused Ö.Y. After the incident, the victim woman complained about Ö.Y. The suspect was sentenced to 1 year and 8 months in prison for “incitement to prostitution”. Emrah Y., whose sentence was suspended for 5 years, was acquitted of ‘sexual harassment’. The victim woman’s lawyer stated that they also filed a lawsuit for non-pecuniary damage.

After divorcing his wife in 2017, he experienced financial difficulties. Y. had a job interview with advertiser Emrah Y. Emrah Y. talked about ‘a game played naked’ and said that he would earn a lot of money if he played. A criminal complaint was filed against Emrah Y., who verbally abused the woman who rejected the offer.

Threats and Blackmail

Ö.Y. explained what he experienced in his statement as follows:

“I was running a beauty salon while I was married. We met Emrah Y., who works in a magazine I advertised for my workplace. 7-8 years after I lost my job, she called me on social media. I was a business manager before, I was a worker when she called me, she came knowing this. Help me. I also wanted to spend more time with my children, I knew that his circle was wide, I told him that I could accept a job that was suitable for the conditions. He told me that we could work together, that he could pay off all my debts. I told him that I had no debt, I just wanted a regular job. He said, let’s meet, I have an agency, I can evaluate you there. I met, thinking we will make a job interview. “

Expressing that he thinks they will speak business, Ö.Y. said the following in his statement:

“I went to meet in a cafe because I thought it would help me find a job with Emrah. He said ‘don’t tell anyone.’ He talked about a ridiculously sexual game. . Czech Republic is a game played in, he told Turkey also played. he removed clothes for money in the game. Some of tapping, he determined a figure holding a stopwatch.

The victim continued his words with the following statements:

“It was said, ‘Take off your shirt, I’ll give you 500 liras,’ the woman stopped whenever she wanted. She said to me, ‘If I know you, you enjoy this game terribly, you’re a crazy woman, I don’t need to see you do anything, I feel your energy, you will be able to do all kinds of insane things. Potentially you are a woman. ”They say,“ I need a loan. Why should I lend money? What do you need? If we play the game anyway, I will give you money. ”He said that a manager in Istanbul told that celebrities also played the game. -3 thousand liras can be bought with this game, there is no need to work. ‘He tried to give confidence and encourage by saying that nobody will hear, and celebrities also play.


As a result of the investigation initiated upon the complaint of Ö.Y., Emrah Y. was sentenced to 2 years to 4 years in prison for ‘sexual harassment’ for 3 months to 2 years; Emrah Y. was acquitted of the “sexual harassment” crime at the end of the trial at the 7th Criminal Court of First Instance, while she was sentenced to 1 year and 8 months in prison for a “good incentive for crime”. The sentence was postponed for 5 years.


Ö.Y’s lawyer Ayşe Yaman, stating that the legal process is continuing, said, “The court decided to punish him for incitement to prostitution, because it was previously a suspect, we decided to postpone the announcement of the verdict. said.


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