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One person died in protests in Belarus

The Belarusian Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that one of the demonstrators in the country, who protested the Presidential elections, died.

Those who protested the presidential election of Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus, according to uncertain results, continued their demonstrations despite the intervention of the police.

There are big protests in the country. Events related to Russia remained in the background. Belarus is dealing with internal conflict.

Demonstrators and security forces frequently confronted in the capital Minsk, where protests were intense.

Ministry of Interior Intervened

The demonstrators, who resisted the intervention of the special forces of the Ministry of the Interior and the police by throwing Molotov cocktails and stones, set up barricades made of iron bars and garbage cans on some streets and burned car tires.

Despite the frequent intervention of the security forces using tear gas and stun grenades, the protesters resisted not to disperse. The demonstrators, who responded to the harsh intervention of the security forces by attacking them, did not leave the areas.

The police are interfering with the protesters. Coronavirus measures began to be ignored after the internal conflict in the country.

The opposition has called on social media from other cities to support the protests in Minsk.

In other cities, it was reported that the police took control of the situation.

The Belarusian Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that one of the demonstrators who protested the presidential elections in the country died.

In the statement made on the social media account of the Ministry, it was announced that the special forces intervened in the unauthorized demonstrations in Minsk to protest Belarus President Lukashenko winning the elections.

In the statement, which was recorded that a person tried to throw an unidentified explosive on the special forces trying to disperse the demonstrators, “The explosive exploded in the hands of the demonstrator and died” statements were used.

Interior Minister Yuriy Karayev made a statement

Interior Minister Yuriy Karayev said in a statement that those who do not serve the interests of Belarus and its people are making attempts to disrupt the situation and to disagree with the society.

Karayev said, “It is obvious that the organizers use people as consumables by encouraging illegal events. They used children to use their dirty games, ”he said.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus announced that more than 3 thousand protesters were detained in the protests the previous evening.

It was reported that more than 50 protesters and 39 police officers were injured in the incidents that took place during the police intervention.

In the Presidential elections in Belarus, according to the uncertain results announced by the Central Election Commission, current President Alexander Lukashenko won the election with 80 percent of the vote.


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