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There is a lot of controversy about fixing the fashion sector and making the sector more sustainable. In general, there are very few names and brands taking action on sustainability where many speeches and seminars take place. But Dries Van Noten is among those who believe in change! Dries Van Noten, who organized a Zoom series with Shira Sue Carmi, CEO of Altuzarra and Andrew Keith, Chairman of Lane Crawford, had conversations about the fashion industry.

Dries Van Noten, Gabriela Hearst, Erdem Moralıoğlu, Joseph Altuzarra, Tory Burch, Craig Green and Proenza Schouler’s designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, who published the conversations in the conversations as an open letter recently. Names that promise to change the way the industry works, believe that sustainability is more important than COVID-19’s economic damage to fashion.

The designers who proposed to change the current sales seasons stated that the Autumn collections will be on sale from August to January, and the Spring collections will be on sale from February to July. Adding that the discounts will only be at the end of these periods, the designers want the sales without discount to take longer.

At the same time, signers who made decisions about sustainability promised to reduce carbon footprints with less fabric waste and travel. The designers, who will return to the digital showroom method and make changes in fashion shows, want to make all their production processes sustainable. Below you can see the letter led by Dries Van Noten:

“We discussed the ways that our business should transform after a series of talks where we shared a common vision as a group of CEOs, buyers and creative directors in the global fashion industry recently.

Although the current environment is challenging, we have decided to make our process environmentally and socially more sustainable by simplifying our work. Ultimately, we decided that our decisions will become closer to the needs of our customers and will be a basic and pleasant opportunity.

  • We hope to achieve all this by starting in the Fall – Winter 2020 season by adjusting both women’s and men’s clothing to the flow of seasonality:
  • We will be selling the Fall – Winter (August / January) collections in winter and the Spring – Summer (February / July) collections in summer.
  • We will create a more balanced delivery flow throughout the season to ensure innovation, while also creating the time required for products to be requested.
  • Discounts will take place at the end of the season to extend the full sale price period — January for the Fall / Winter season and July for the Spring / Summer season.

We will work to increase sustainability in the production chain and sales calendar:

  • Less unnecessary products
  • Less waste on fabrics and inventory
  • Less travel
  • In addition to personal creative interactions, we will take advantage of digital showrooms
  • We will review and adapt the fashion shows

By working together, we will become more industry-responsible for our impact on our customers, our planet and the fashion community. In this way, we will restore the creativity and magic that make fashion an important part of the world. “


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