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Opposition leader Tihanovskaya from Belarus to Lithuania: I made the decision myself

Opposition leader Tihanovskaya from Belarus to Lithuania

As tension continued after the presidential elections in Belarus, it was announced that opposition leader Svetlana Tihanovskaya went to neighboring Lithuania. Tihanovskaya denied the allegation that she was forcibly removed from the country, saying she made the decision to protect her children.

After the announcement that Aleksandr Lukashenko, who has ruled the country for 26 years, has won the presidential elections in the Eastern European country Belarus, while the tension in the streets continues, it was announced that one of the opposition leaders Svetlana Tihanovskaya went to neighboring Lithuania. Tihanovskaya posted a video in which she said she made the decision to protect her children, although her representative said she was forcibly removed from the country.


“I made a very difficult decision,” Tihanovskaya said in the video posted on YouTube. “This is a decision I made completely independently.” “Children are the most important things in our life,” said Tihanovskaya, whose husband was in prison and sent her two children to Lithuania due to the threats she received during the campaign.


Tihanovskaya, a former English teacher, said in the video: “I thought the campaign hardened me and gave me enough strength to cope with anything. But probably I’m still the thin woman in the first place. I made a very difficult decision for myself. And I know that many will understand me, many will judge me, many will hate me. But God should not leave anyone with the choice facing me. Please take care. These things are not worth the loss of anyone’s life. Children are the most important things in our life. ”


It was stated that the 37-year-old opposition candidate went to meet with the officials of the central election board yesterday and was not heard from afterwards. The campaign team announced that they could not reach Tihanovskaya by phone after this meeting. His representative, Olga Kovalkova, said in a statement this morning, “She was expelled from the country by the authorities. Svetlana had no other choice. “Five minutes before this visit, we were discussing our future plans and there was absolutely no intention of leaving the country.”


Announcing that Tihanovskaya is in Lithuania and is safe, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius told The Guardian newspaper that the opposition leader was detained for seven hours after complaining about the manipulation of the election and that he crossed the border this morning.

“Has Tihanovskaya fled the country or was deported?” He gave the following answer to his question: “As far as I know, he had no intention of leaving Belarus, but it was his only option.”


Belarusian officials denied that the opposition leader was forcibly expelled from the country. Speaking to the Russian news agency RIA, border officials said Tihanovskaya was not pressured. Chairman of the Belarusian State Security Committee (KGB) Valeriy Vakulçik announced yesterday evening that the assassination attempt against Tihanovskaya was blocked.

It was announced that 26-year leader Lukashenko won the elections held in Belarus on Sunday with 80.23 percent. Tihanovskaya, who received the second highest vote with 9.9 percent, claimed that she won the elections and declared that she did not recognize the results. Tihanovskaya had called on Lukashenko to leave power peacefully. Protests by Tihanovskaya supporters have been going on for two days.


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