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Photo of Donald Trump’s smashed star in the Walf of Fame

CLAIM: The photo shows Donald Trump’s star on the Walk of Fame during her George Floyd protests.

The claim against Donald Trump is a lie!

A photo of the rapidly spreading posts on social media allegedly showed that the star of US President Donald Trump on the Walk of Fame was shattered during the George Floyd protests. While one of the posts was liked by about 514 thousand people, it was shared by 104 thousand people.

However, the claim does not reflect the truth. The photo was taken in 2018, so it’s not one of the protests that started after George Floyd was killed. His star, which was renewed after Trump, stands at his place as of June 4, 2020.

The photo is not new
When the photograph is searched by visual search method, it is learned that the incident occurred on 25 July 2018. Even NBCLA reporter Jonathan Gonzalez shared the details of the incident from his personal account. The person’s identity was determined about four months after the incident, and it turned out to be 24-year-old Austin Mikel Clay.

While the George Floyd protests in the U.S. continued, a social media user shared the star’s photo with the note, “The Donald Trump star has not been touched in the Gateway of Fame in Los Angeles” on 2 June 2020. In other words, by looking at the sharing of this user at the date when the claim started to circulate, it can be said that the star remained in place and was solid.

Trump photo had been torn before

The action in 2018 was not the first either. In 2016, James Otis was arrested and sentenced to vandalism for damaging the star.

Following the attacks on Trump’s star, whose name was written on the Gateway of Fame, Leron Gubler, President of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce said, “Hollywood boulevard is an institution where positive contributions are celebrated. If people are not happy with someone who is honored, California should show their anger in other ways than burn their signs. Our democracy is based on law, ”and then said the star would be repaired.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame official website clearly describes the conditions for making stars on the road for someone. Accordingly, in order to put a star on his behalf, he must first be nominated or be a candidate himself. Voting results determine whether the star will be placed. In other words, Trump was either nominated or a candidate, but he would have received a lot of votes that a star was made in the gate.

As a result, the claim that the photo showed that Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was destroyed during the protests that started after Floyd’s murder was not true. The photo is old dated. The claim is an example of misrelation of the types of false information.


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