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PlayStation 5 controller DualSense price leaked

New details about PlayStation 5, Sony’s newest game console, continue to emerge every day. Even though we still haven’t officially seen the game console, we saw the new generation DualSense last month. The price of this joystick, which contains design changes, was also very curious. According to new news, the price of PlayStation 5 controller DualSense has leaked!

PlayStation 5 controller DualSense price leaked

In early April, the PlayStation 5 controller DualSense appeared surprisingly. The changing design and ergonomics of the joystick, which adopted a white design, were among the most remarkable features. The fact that DualSense has a white color gave the signals that the PlayStation 5 will also come in white.

The Create button was replaced by the Share button on the joystick, and it was reported that DualSense, which is said to be designed for users with different sized hands, offers good use for this reason. The Create button added to the device also allows the player to share their broadcasts. It is stated that there is no need to use headphones thanks to the speaker and microphone placed on PlayStation 5 DualSense.

So how much will this improved joystick cost? With the approach of the date of sale, we see that the news of leakage has been brought to the agenda even more. According to the leaked source, the controller is said to write a $ 59 figure on the price tag. DualSense will be available for purchase separately on November 20. We cannot say that this information is correct, but even its exposition is enough to excite.

This excitement actually seems to be heard for PlayStation 5, which is scheduled to be available at the end of the year. The PS 5 is said to have a price tag of $ 499 to $ 549. Curiosity grows with the gradual appearance of his games.


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