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Porsche Offers Infotainment Screen to Old 911 Models

Porsche has a huge fan base in the world with the vehicles it produces. The biggest share in this fanbase created by Porsche falls to a legend, 911. Many people love the modern models of the 911 series as well as the modern models of the 911 Turbo S.

A new service is offered by Porsche to the classic 911, which is a huge fan and user base. Porsche has developed a modern infotainment screen for classic 911s. The system in question was designed specifically for classic 911s.

Classic 911s meet today’s technology

The new system, called Porsche Classic Communication Management (PCCM), was developed with a small display design for old classics, while it was developed with a large display for younger classics. Regardless of their size, both systems have Apple CarPlay, CarPlay, DAB +, Bluetooth connectivity and navigation.

The system with the big screen was called PCCM Plus. The system, which comes with a 7 inch touch screen, was developed as plug and play. Thanks to the technology developed for PCCM Plus, 911 owners can benefit from Porsche’s latest navigation systems and route guidance.

The small screen PCCM prepared for the classic 911s is not at the PCCM Plus level, but offers drivers important features. It comes with PCCM DAB + and Apple CarPlay support, which comes with a 5-inch screen. Developed in the design based on Porsche’s classic stereo systems, the controls are provided with rotary knobs and physical buttons.

PCCM and PCCM Plus information and entertainment display technology, which combines Porsche’s classic 911 vehicles with today’s technology, has been put up for sale as an option. The PCCM Plus with a 3.5-inch display was offered to the classic 911 users at a price of $ 1.551 (approximately 10. 840 TL), and the PCCM Plus with a 7-inch display for $ 1.711 (approximately 12.100 TL).


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