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Practical eyebrow removal method! How to buy eyebrows at home? Tricks of buying eyebrows. . .

The shape of the eyebrow, which gives meaning to all organs on the face and creates mimics, is very important. Sometimes mistakes in taking the eyebrow can cause irreversible results. If you want to correct your eyebrows, which you usually have at the hairdresser, in an emergency, you can take a look at the article we prepared. The method of removing eyebrows at home without distorting your eyebrows in minutes is just jasmine. The comer!


Buying eyebrows at home is both economical and more practical than you think. In fact, according to a study, women like eyebrows taken at home more. The way each face type gets eyebrows is different. In this case, it will be easier to intervene in your own eyebrows. In case of emergency or when you can not find time to go to the hairdresser due to the work tempo, you can get it in minutes. So how to buy home eyebrows? What should be considered when buying eyebrows? You can find the answer to the questions in our news.

– The best time to take a brow is after a bath. Since eyebrow roots soften, less pain will be pulled more quickly than normal.

There are only 3 ingredients you need when buying your eyebrows. Eyebrow comb, tweezers and mirror. .

If you do not want to spoil the natural state of your eyebrows, you should definitely start by combing with a comb in the direction of upward and outward extension. Then you can get your eyebrows that come to the upper part of your eyelid with the help of tweezers.

Then, starting from the bottom, continue slowly upward and cut the ends of your eyebrows that do not match your eyebrow shape.


1- If you think you have a lot of eyebrows, do not try to compare the other to it. In this case, you can get a thin eyebrow.

2- Do not take your eyebrows before showering. Because the hot shower prevents the pores from opening and prevents them from hurting.

3- Do not take your eyebrows every day. Wait some time before it grows properly and your winter roots do not die.

4- In order for your eyebrows to look thicker, if the middle of your eyebrows is open, you can shorten the ends and get a thick eyebrow. But if your eyebrows are sparse, you should not do this application.


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