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Lea Michele is expecting her first babies with her husband Zandy Reich. According to the news of People magazine, Michele’s pregnancy was confirmed by a close source. Saying that she always wanted to be a mother, Michele married Zandy Reich in March last year. Michele, who shared a photo with her first wedding anniversary “1 year,” on Instagram, started their relationship with Reich in July 2017 and was engaged in April 2018.

Michele, who has not yet confirmed her pregnancy news from her social media, shared a selfie saying “Vitamin D,” on the weekend. Michele, who does not hesitate to share her relationship with her husband on Instagram, said, “Happy birthday of my amazing wife! Z made all my dreams come true and I love you very much. ”

Speaking about marriage last September, Michele said, “I always had relationships that I had to be the keeper of the castle, and now it’s great to be with someone who is in his own lane, who knows who he is and where he is in his life. It came together at a time when we were at the same level both personally and professionally. And now it’s amazing to go on this journey together. ”

Expressing that he wants to start a family in the same interview, Michele said where he saw himself five years later: “I want to be a mother with 10 children, of course, if this is physically possible. I am very excited about the idea of ​​being a mother, ”he said.


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