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Presidential candidates Trump and Biden confronted in the USA, insults flew in the air!

The first live broadcast in the USA that pits presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden

In the first live broadcast debate in the USA that brought presidential candidates Trump and Biden face to face, while issues such as domestic policy and the coronavirus epidemic were mainly discussed, the harsh criticisms of the candidates to each other drew attention. Criticism has at times been insulting.

In the first live broadcast discussion in the USA that brought presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden face to face, the domestic policy agenda and the November 3 elections were mainly discussed, while the harsh criticisms of the candidates against each other drew attention. Republican presidential candidate Trump and Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden held the first live broadcast debate in Cleveland, moderated by Fox News presenter Chris Wallace.

In the debate that began with the topic of appointing a judge to the Supreme Court, Trump argued that they had enough time to approve the mandate of Amy Barrett, whom she nominated.

Trump said that they won both the White House and the Senate as a result of the elections in the country, “We won the elections and therefore we have the right to elect Barrett. Few people would say the opposite. By the way, if the Democrats were in our place now, they would not even think about not holding the elections. ” said.

Biden, on the other hand, emphasized that the election process in the country has already started and that 10 thousands of people are voting with the early voting system in the country, “What should be right now is to wait. We have to wait and see the result of this election. as they chose. ” he spoke.

US President Trump, on the other hand, opposed the idea of ​​waiting until February for the election of the Supreme Court judge by Biden, “The President of the United States is elected for 4 years, not for 3 years. We currently have an elected president in the Senate.” said.

Obamacare sparring between Trump and Biden

Biden stated that the Trump administration wanted to get rid of the health law, also known as “Obamacare,” “Trump was trying to get rid of this law while competing for presidency. Now he wants to end this law in the Supreme Court. As a result, health insurance for 20 million people will be cut.” he spoke. Trump stated that Biden published a “manifesto” with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, “There was a socialist health system in this manifesto.” After Biden said that he defeated Sanders in the primary elections where the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate was determined, Trump said, “If Sanders had not withdrawn from the race, you would have lost all the primary elections.” said.

Biden described Trump as a liar!

Thereupon, Biden said, “Everything Trump says is a lie. I am not here to expose lies, everyone knows that Trump is a liar.” After Biden claimed that there was no manifesto, Trump turned to Biden and said, “You lost against the left. You agreed on a plan with Sanders.” said.

“Obamacare was a disaster. It was too expensive. It didn’t work,” Trump said, arguing that they were replacing Obamacare with a more sustainable system. On the other hand, Biden argued that Trump had no health plan other than the presidential decrees he signed on health.

Upon the warning of moderator Wallace because Biden and Trump interrupted each other, Biden said of Trump, “It is very difficult to talk to this clown, I apologize to these people.” said.

"Trump has no plans against Kovid-19"

Trump and Biden shared their trump card on the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) as the second topic, emphasizing that more than 200 thousand people have died in the USA so far and more than 7 million people have been infected with the virus. When presented to Trump, he says, “Whatever it is.” Yes, that’s what happens because you are. Because Trump doesn’t have a plan. He didn’t come up with anything. Trump knew how serious the crisis was in February. He knew it was a fatal disease. So what did he do? He didn’t warn people. used the expressions.

Biden argued that Trump waits until the disease reaches serious proportions, “Trump still has no serious plan.” Stating that they announced their plans against Kovid-19 in March and July, Biden said, “Now you have to get out of your shelter, you have to get your head out of the sand you buried. You should return to the Oval Office, bring the Republicans and Democrats together and do what needs to be done.” He spoke in the form.

Trump: what happened is China's fault

Trump said, “If we were to listen to you, most parts of the country would remain open and our death toll would be 2 million, not 200 thousand. This is China’s fault. China shouldn’t let that happen.” said.

Claiming that countries such as China, Russia and India are hiding the true number of deaths, Trump noted that they will soon have a vaccine and medicine against the virus. After Trump argued that he could not manage the Swine Flu epidemic when he was vice president of Biden, Biden said, “Not 200 thousand, but 14 thousand people died in that epidemic.” gave the answer.

The rally bickering between Trump and Biden

As for vaccination, Biden said they would rely on the statements made by scientists rather than Trump’s words. Upon Biden’s speech about Trump’s intelligence, Trump said, “Are you talking to me about intelligence? you graduated from high school. Regarding the rallies held with the participation of many people, Trump said, “People want to hear what I said. We have not had a problem so far. Because we are doing it outdoors.” Biden said, “Trump is completely irresponsible about social distancing. I invite him not to do that. He’s being foolish.” he spoke.

"This man will destroy the country"

In the discussion where economic policies were also discussed, Trump explained that they “built the largest economy in history” but economic activity stopped due to the Kovid-19 outbreak. Pointing out that economic activity has returned to normal, Trump noted that 10.4 million employees returned to their jobs in 4 months and this was a “record.” Criticizing Biden, who was cautious of the rapid normalization of the economy, Trump said, “This man will shut down and destroy the whole country.” said. Biden said that in the Kovid-19 crisis, millionaires and billionaires like Trump have done very well.

"I've paid millions of dollars in taxes"

Stating that Trump insists on the normalization of the economy despite the increasing cases of Kovid-19, Biden stated that the economy cannot be corrected until the Kovid-19 crisis is resolved. Biden also accused the Trump administration of doing nothing to help small businesses, and Trump said that people want schools to open and the economy to normalize, “People don’t want states to close. I’m looking at New York, it’s sad. What’s going on in New York, almost. like a ghost town. ” said.

"You are the worst president America has ever seen"

Criticizing Trump’s tax regulations, Biden stated that these regulations put Trump in a position to pay less tax than a teacher, Trump benefits from the tax law and therefore will abolish the tax cuts. “You are the worst president America has ever seen,” Biden said at Trump’s opposition. used the expression.

Trump: They were after me to strike

In the occasional insulting clashes, it was observed that the two candidates had an important disagreement on election security. Stating that he does not rely on voting by mail and that tens of thousands of his ballot papers are found in streams and garbage, Trump called on his voters to go to the ballot box on election day to see if their votes are counted. Stating that the election results may not be announced for months rather than election night because there will be votes everywhere, Trump said, “There will be a trick you have not seen before.” said.

Biden doesn't worry about security of choice

Biden called on the people of the USA to go to the ballot box, “This man cannot stop you from determining the fate of this election. Go and cast your votes.” said. Responding to Trump’s claim that Democrats could cast their votes to voters until November 10, Biden said that they told the public that if the postal stamp on the envelopes was November 3, the votes could be counted until November 10. “I am concerned that any court will interfere with the election result,” Biden said, against the possibility of the Supreme Court’s intervention in determining the election result. said.

Trump says climate change is partly caused by humans

Trump acknowledged that climate change is partly caused by humans, after Wallace pushed it several times while raising questions about climate change. “Lots of things cause this, but partly people do,” Trump said. While using his statement, he said that the ongoing fires in the west coast of the USA were caused by poor forestry management. Referring to his withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, Trump said that the agreement made little difference in fuel efficiency standards, yet raised vehicle prices in the country. Biden announced that he would return to the Paris Climate Agreement after being elected president.

Biden asks Trump "Putin's dog"

Responding to a question about why the American people should choose him over Trump, Biden said, “Under this president, we became weak, sick, separated and even more aggressive.” said.


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