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Sinem Kobal quarantine poses (special)

Actress and model Sinem Kobal, who draws attention with her karatina poses on the important days of her pregnancy, draws attention with her beauty and sexy mood.

Kenan İmirzalıoğlu and his wife Sinem Kobal obey the call to ‘Stay at Home’ against the corona virus epidemic that ravaged the world.

The couple who have not stepped out for weeks spend time at home. Finally, Kobal made a post on social media from his own at home.

Sinem Kobal’s followers at home posed comments, ‘May God give everyone a husband who takes a picture like Kenan’.

Sinem Kobal, who was at home with his wife Kenan İmirzalıoğlu to protect against Corona virus outbreak, said the following for quarantine days:

“I am going through an inward process. I feel I’m calm and slow. I read more, listen to music, pray for everyone. I see that all my hectic changes have changed in this process. My most important wish is now; health. This process further strengthened my sense of unity. ”


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