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Racism is the founding ideology of the USA

With the murder of George Floyd by a US police, anti-racist demonstrations began in almost all cities of the USA. “I can’t breathe” and “The life of black people matters” are the two main slogans of these shows. Many whites also support the shows.

Racism Was Always in the United States!

Racism in the USA is limited to neither Republicans nor Democrats. The establishment of the USA and the establishment of Israel are very similar: Occupation through massacre and exile of indigenous people. As a matter of fact, the Puritans who first came to the continent said that they would establish the “New Israel”. Indeed, one of the first settlements in the USA is called “New Canaan”, that is New Kenan. Approximately two centuries later, the literary artist Herman Merville will say: “And we Americans are a different nation; we are Israel of our time; we hold the pillar of world freedoms. ”

The massacres and exiles began when the British founded the town of Jamestown in 1607 on the Atlantic coast. Indian Chief Powathan spoke to John Smith, one of the leaders of Jamestown, and said: “… I know the difference between war and peace better than anyone in my country. Why will you buy something that you can buy with love? Why will you destroy us who provide you with food? What can you achieve by fighting? Why are you jealous of us? If you are unarmed and friendly, we are ready to give you what you want … ”

The response of the invaders to the Indians, who approached them with friendly and hospitality, was to sword and exile. Languages ​​are unable to explain the horrors of these massacres. Nevertheless, the words of a soldier who best witnessed the massacre in Florida: “If the devil had both Florida and hell, he would have rented Florida and preferred to live in hell …”

Racism, the founding philosophy of the USA

Racism was the founding philosophy and core belief of the USA. This philosophy was called “manifest destiny”, that is, evident fate (which can also be called discretionary). The first to talk about this concept was the editor of the Democratic Review newspaper, John O’Sullivan. O’Sullivan wrote: “It is a divine destiny that we spread across the continent so that our people, who are increasing in number every year, can develop freely. It is to spread across the continent bestowed on us by the Creator and have it all. This is a right like the right of a tree to have the land and air necessary for the growth destiny to take place. ”

Politician Caleb Cushing, a passionate advocate of the Manifest destiny belief, made the applause at the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 1859 with applause: “We are representatives of the perfect white race. The strength and privilege of our white race is very clear, as is the perfected intelligence of the man, and the tendency of the woman to love … I can only be considered equal to a white man like me – my blood and my race. Not the American Indian, the Asian yellow race, or the black man of Africa. »

Manifest destiny was the legitimizer of US colonialism. US President Kennedy was also kneaded with this belief. He once said: “Americans are on duty of world fortresses of freedom, not because they want it, but because fate wants it.” On January 20, 1961, he said, “… Let’s wish God to protect us and help us, but let’s not forget that we are in charge of doing what God will do on earth.”

Racism is like an insidious disease

Racism can even transform the mind of its victims itself, like an insidious disease. The phenomenon called “delusion of being white” is a striking example of this. John Lind’s work on the “color complex” in 1914 revealed the “desire to be white” of African Americans.

Resisting racist actions in the USA

Resisting racist actions in the USA is a human debt. But what needs to be done is institutionalized and racist ideology that often acts in a veiled manner. The way to honestly and consistently oppose racism is to stand against any structure built with racist ideologies. Israel is a symbolic example of this in the world. It is not a coincidence that the biggest supporter of the Israeli regime in the world is the USA. As we said at the beginning, both were built with the same motivation. Being against racism and ignoring the Israeli regime means either not seeing the link between the two or hypocrisy. In order not to see the racism of Israel, not only eyes but hearts must also be blinded.


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