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Rebellions in the USA do not stop: Does Trump want to collapse the system?

The protests that began after the death of George Floyd in the USA spread across the country. With the confrontation of the demonstrators and the police and the looting of the shops in many metropolises, the crisis has reached a point that cannot be overcome. Trump’s statements that fueled the events also caused “systemic discussion.”

Donald Trump and Activists

Street protests in the USA sparked by the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis by the police are taking the country to the brink of the abyss…

The USA, which seems to be the “best functioning democratic system” in the world, is dying. A murder in the USA exposed all the problems related to the social, economic and management system in the country. In Minneapolis, the death of a black teenager, George Floyd, due to police violence, chained protests across the country.

However, the work was not protested; This is especially looted in shops such as New York, Capital Washington D.C. The police and demonstrators confronted and more police violence followed. The waters are still not stopped in the country. Moreover, the USA also has a President who makes statements targeting the protesters, and is almost fueled by fire; Statements that President Donald Trump could finally use the American army to suppress protests also caused a major “systemic debate” in the country.


The fact that the man who died under police violence was black and the police who used violence was of a white race, the first discussion naturally focused on increasingly “racial discriminatory policies” in the country, although it was forbidden under the Constitution.

The names of black youths, who died under police violence in many states of the USA, began to line up in a row. As it ranked, it turned out to be a very long list. However, as the debate deepened, information about racial segregation was not only “a problem with police forces” but that non-white American citizens were discriminated in all areas of life.

One of the most striking and close examples is about the Covid-19 outbreak. Dilge Timoçin from the Voice of America described the situation as follows; “During the presidency of Obama in 2014, another black citizen died, while Eric Garner was arrested on the streets of New York on charges of selling illegal cigarettes. The police were justified despite using a banned detention technique. Since then, management has changed, conditions have changed. But there was nothing good for blacks, and the conditions got worse. According to the researches, more black Americans lost their lives and became unemployed in America than whites. ”

Coronavirus in Most Ethnic Groups!

According to the research of APM company, blacks, which make up 13 percent of the population in the USA, die from Covid 19, 27 percent. Whites, who make up about 62 percent of the population, die from Covid 19, 49 percent.

While Covid 19 death rate is 16 percent in Latin origin, which constitutes 18 percent of the American population, the rate of death from the same disease is 5 percent in Asian Americans who make up five percent of the population.


Again, recent research shows that nearly 40 million Americans are unemployed due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Racial discrimination occurs here too; The majority of those who lost their jobs are American citizens of African descent.

According to the US Institute of Economic Policy, in February, before the epidemic, the unemployment rate in the USA was 3.5 percent, while the unemployment rate in African Americans was 5.8 percent and 3.1 percent in white Americans.

With the Covid-19 outbreak, the unemployment rate rose to 9.6 percent. This rate was 16 percent in African Americans after Covid-19.

Most Police Violence to Black People

On top of all this, when police violence, which has been frequently discussed in the USA recently, hit an African American teenager, protests started all over the country.

In the USA, before Covid-19, there was a public tension in the attitude of the police, especially to black youth. Finally, in 2012, an African American citizen named Rodney King in California caused protests across the country after being stopped, beaten and beaten by the police on the grounds of excessive speed.


However, Donald Trump, who sat in the US Presidential seat after Obama, adopted a very different policy compared to his predecessor. One of Trump’s first actions ended the central government’s inspections in the states against police violence during the Obama era. That’s not all; Even in Trump’s jokes, there were highlights of police violence.

One of the most memorable examples was a joke at the Trump Long Island police station in 2017 about the police arresting a person’s head in a police car. Police at the center welcomed Trump’s “joke” with laughter.

Again, Trump made statements to protect the extreme white groups who applied to violent acts in the tension of racial discrimination in the country during their first years in the White House. In August 2017, he made statements that welcomed the racist tension in Charlottesville and the demonstration of extreme groups that advocated white superiority from all over the country as a “normal event”.

It was commented that Trump’s moderate approach to these groups, which advocated the racist “white superiors” philosophy, paved the way for the police officers involved in racial violence to remain unpunished.


The management system in the USA is based on a system of balance between authority and federal government. However, the steps taken by Trump after the start of the protests led to the comments that “Trump is in pursuit of the central government, namely to increase its own powers”.

The first of these steps was that Trump first talked with the state governors over the country about protests across the country. Trump called on the governors to “disperse protests” and to protesters to “catch and judge”.

According to the American system, the President of the USA does not have the right to give such an order to the provincial governors who were elected by the popular vote. However, when Trump’s call to governors to “catch and prosecute protesters” leaked to the press, a new debate on this attitude against the constitution’s right to a peaceful demonstration began.


Just as this debate continued, Trump took another step; On the grounds that he would “walk out of the White House and walk to a church across the road,” he instructed the Police to disperse protests that intensified in the Lafayette area in front of the White House. When the police dispersed and led the demonstrators using pepper spray and sometimes violence, he went to a nearby church and posed with the Bible in his hand. This time, reactions emerged that Trump “disregarded his right to peaceful protest to pose with the Bible in his hands”.

Maggie Haberman, the New York Times White House correspondent, is located in St. Thomas, just opposite the US President’s White House. “Trump’s support of Evangelical voters hit the bottom during the corona restrictions,” he went in front of the John Church and posed with the Bible in his hand. “The advisors and Trump himself are also aware of this.”

Stating that he constantly heard that he should “do something more” from the consultants of the President of the USA, Trump says, “You are losing the support of choosing a conservative because you have not done anything about the events in the country”. “They must show that you are tough,” they say.

Haberman emphasized that the target of the protests was not mostly Trump, but on the contrary, that America had a solution to systematic problems such as long-term racism and police violence. He also pointed out that protests could continue until it approached as a problem.


Trump’s demonstrators to pose with the Bible in front of the church were security forces that sometimes used tear gas, and sometimes physical violence, not the capital Washington’s local police, but the security forces at Trump’s command.

Mehtap Çolak Yılmaz from the Voice of America told the situation that he saw a harsh reaction from American senators and members of the Congress and said, “President Donald Trump received criticisms that peaceful protesters were intervened with gas and had a photo taken. Yilmaz situation, “Washington police made a statement and said in his statement,‘ The order to evacuate this place was given by the federal police who guarded the presidency, it has nothing to do with us. “Metropolitan Washington was not the order of the police department,” he said.

Donald Trump Put Troops Into States!

Trump’s third step to disrupt the “central government-states” mandate in the US was to call on state governors to use the army under their command to stop the protests.

However, especially when the governors and senators from the Democratic Party criticized this step of Trump, a reaction came from the Chief of General Staff of the American army, General Staff.

When EWTN reporter Mark Irons asked the US Chief of General Staff General Mark Milley about the protests, he received the answer, “Everyone has the right to a peaceful protest, but on condition that it is not violated.” When asked to order the soldiers under General Milley’s command, a critical response came.

Contrary to Trump’s calls, General Milley’s message to the soldiers was, “Let them gather freely and express their thoughts. This is the best thing to do.”

Trump plans to get more votes!

While the Americans are always at the forefront of voting rates in the USA, the rate of voting is very low for African, Latin or Asian citizens.

With Trump’s last attitude, comments are made that he intended to forget the economic troubles, take the discussions about the presidential race to another area, and gather the white Americans around him and “tighten the ranks”.

The system regarding the Presidential elections in the USA does not ensure that the person who “gets the most votes” is the president. Its chairperson determines the delegates elected by all states based on population rates.

In the last Presidential election in 2016, Democrat Candidate Hillary Clinton received more votes across the country than Donald Trump, a candidate for Republicans. But when Trump came to the fore in the number of delegates in the states, the US President was elected.

Using this detail in the system, Trump’s comments are made that he plans to win a delegate-specific election, even if he “tightens the ranks” in traditionally supporting the Republican island, even if he loses votes nationwide.


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