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Recommendations for a great looking body

Dermatology Specialist Assoc. said that, in regional slimming applications, cellulite removal, repair of stretch marks during pregnancy, recovery of food and facial rejuvenation procedures are preferred. Dr. Ahu Birol Kocaalp said, “The purpose of this method is to reduce the fat cells by injecting small doses of drugs into the problem area. Thanks to the drug injected under the skin, recovery in circulation and recovery in the lymphatic system increases, intracellular fat metabolism is accelerated. Thus, the number of fat cells in the subcutaneous fat tissue decreases and becomes free. The remaining fatty acids are removed from the body by circulation. ”

Assoc. Dr. Ahu Birol Kocaalp: “Cellulitis, called hydrolipodystrophy, is the fearful dream of all young and old women in the medical language, which causes the fatty tissue in the lower layer of the skin to become uneven and irregular in the region of the fat, especially in the hip and upper leg area, resulting in uneven and irregular collection of fats. There are many factors such as genetic predisposition, effect of hormones, circulatory disorder, nutritional habits and sedentary life that prepare the ground for cellulite.For those who want to get rid of cellulite and have a smooth body, maximize the activation of enzymes with the help of caffeine and micronutrients contained in CelitaCare. It helps to provide a cellulite-free appearance.It converts fats into energy with its lipolitic agents.It supports microcirculation and lymph drainage, improves the appearance of cutaneous tissue and also Helps reduce porous fats.It hydrolyzes the cell membranes with Hyaluronic Acid content by trapping adipocytes (fat cells) in clusters, which are held responsible for the appearance of orange peel with its special formula. Revitacare CelluCare gives the skin a softer and smoother appearance with the moisturizing feature of the hyaluronic acid it contains. “It helps to eliminate the look of” orange peel “by creating intense velvety feeling.”

Emphasizing that it is also important to re-determine the outline of the silhouette, Assoc. Dr. Ahu Birol Kocaalp, “Hyaluronic acid, DMAE, micronutrients, and vitamin B5 help improve the appearance of stretch marks. Revitacare StretchCare, which adds tone to skin tissues, increases skin elasticity, provides a young and fresh appearance to the skin; hyaluronic with moisturizing and restructuring feature. acid, which has a firming effect that supports the skin, DMAE contributes to the strengthening of the natural defense mechanisms of the skin against free radicals and provides a perfect appearance with its micronutrients and vitamin B5 content, which gives the skin a younger and clearer appearance. ”

Stating that it is applied to areas with regional lubrication such as food, legs, abdomen and stomach region, sides, back, arms and lower legs, Assoc. Dr. Ahu Birol Kocaalp “Practices performed by the physician are performed with different frequency of sessions depending on the condition of the patient. Revitacare CelluCare provides a noticeable effect with two sessions a week for two weeks and then once a week for a month. It helps the body to recover and gain a slim look. Revitacare StretchCare, which is applied for all cracks on the face and body and loss of elasticity, is applied in four or six sessions at eight or 10 days intervals depending on the situation and provides a noticeable effect. During the mesotherapy treatment, sunbathing and solarium should be avoided. After the care and repair cycle, after the sensitivity of the skin passes, there is no harm in the patient’s sunbathing. ”


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