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Research: The way it gets infected makes it harder to get in front of the Coronavirus

In a study carried out four months after the first case of coronavirus was detected in Germany, the chain of infection was analyzed. The results revealed why it was so difficult to control the outbreak.

A study published in the latest issue of the respected medical journal The Lancet, published in the UK, showed that Covid -19 can be very contagious without symptoms or as soon as symptoms appear.

Scientists state that this poses a major challenge for health measures. Because the incubation period of an average of 4 days is stated to be very short. The study’s authors point out that “It can be very difficult to achieve controlling Covid-19 globally”.

Detailed review of Webasto cases

Merle Böhme from the Bavarian Health and Food Safety Department, Udo Buchholz from the Robert Koch Institute and Victor Corman from the Berlin Charité Hospital examined the first coronavirus cases detected in Germany at the Webasto automotive spare parts company in Munich. Patient number zero in Germany was a Chinese visiting Webasto.

According to the research, at least one of the 16 infected cases from the infected person infected the virus without showing the symptoms. It is stated that this is the case in five more cases. In at least four cases, the infected person was found to infect other people on the day the symptoms started. It was stated that there were five more cases during this period.

In the research, which stated that the incubation period is very short and negative results can be obtained in the tests, it was stated that it is difficult to manage the epidemic in the long term globally.

Researchers from the University of Cologne Hospital wrote an evaluation supporting the results of this research at The Lancet. “These symptoms coincide with the prediction of those spreading before they occur in up to half of the total cases. The biggest obstacle in controlling this outbreak” was said in the assessment.

“Contact tracking application is urgently needed”

Stating that traditional contact tracking will not be sufficient in case of a large spread, Cologne experts point out that new technologies such as “tracking the epidemic effectively” contact tracking applications are urgently needed.

“The research reveals the importance of tracking the transmission chain through contact tracking and quarantine the contact contacts,” said Annelies Wilder-Smith of the School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in London, adding that all countries using contact tracking have reduced the number of new cases. Wilder-Smith noted that South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore are successful countries by providing the resources and technology required for contact tracking.


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