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Ronnie McNutt: The tragic story of the man who committed Suicide on Facebook live stream

Ronnie McNutt, 33, Iraqi war veteran and Toyota employee, commits suicide

Ronnie McNutt, 33, an Iraqi war veteran and Toyota employee, shot himself during his Facebook live broadcast as his family and friends watched in horror and the police were outside his house, and the video traumatized young TikTok users.

It was not uncommon for Ronnie McNutt to start a live broadcast on Facebook and discuss everything with his audience from theology to pop culture.

Viewers knew what to expect from auto workers going to church, so when it went live on the night of August 31, it was clear early on that something wasn’t right.

40 minutes upstream, the depressed and “incredibly drunk” 33-year-old Iraqi War veteran picked up a misfire rifle and caused frantic calls to family and friends.

As the police stood outside his house, Mr. McNutt ignored the calls and pleas of his loved ones who were watching in horror as he took his own life. While the death video was shared on social media and watched by young children, they are now faced with that extremely sad moment again.

The tragedy led Facebook and other social media companies to be criticized for not blocking images that had not been removed for more than two hours, allowing them to be re-circulated on Instagram, TikTok and other sites where children were forced to watch. video.

Amidst calls for social media reform, it also shed light on the struggles that took place in the days and years leading up to McNutt’s life and suicide.

Who was Ronnie McNutt? Interesting Life Story

Ronald “Ronnie” McNutt, born May 23, 1987, was an Army Reserve veteran who worked at a Toyota factory, lived in New Albany, Mississippi, USA, appeared on the local theater stage and co-hosted a podcast. It’s called JustUs Geeks.

The bearded and spectacled auto worker regularly attended the Celebration Church in Tupelo, was a member of a Comicons club, and wrote comic book reviews for a website.

Friend and podcast host Joshua Steen said that Mr. McNutt struggled with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after serving in the Iraq War between June 2007 and March 2008.

He told Mr. Steen Heavy: “He did not look like the same man who went to Iraq after leaving service.

“I spent many nights in our studio via text message and personally talking to him about his life and his struggles.

“Mental health problems are very, very real, and I honestly think there are many people who struggle with all areas of mental illness and let it go untreated. Or treat it with other things, it seems.”

Mr. McNutt and his girlfriend, described as “compassionate” and “loyal,” recently broke up, Rolling Stone magazine reported.

Just two weeks before his death, he celebrated the 69th birthday of his father and namesake, Cecil Ronald “Ronnie” McNutt, who died in hospital in February 2018.

Mr. McNutt posted a family photo on Facebook on August 14 and wrote: “Today was my father’s 69th birthday. He was a man’s powerhouse. And I miss him every day. Our family is not okay without him.”

They are now buried in the same cemetery.

According to an obituary, little Ronnie’s mother Elaine, her brother Joey, sister Mindy, three nieces and two nieces survived.

McNutt shared a tragic Facebook post before it went live. He said: “Someone in your life needs to hear that they’re important. It’s loved.

“That they have a future. Be the person to tell them.”

Mr Steen said that the reports of Mr McNutt losing his job, about to lose his home or having his identity stolen are not true. “These are obvious lies, stop spreading,” he tweeted.

What happened in the live broadcast?

McNutt, sitting behind a table and wearing a black T-shirt, shot himself fatally during the live broadcast on Facebook just after 22:30 local time on August 31.

It started broadcasting at approximately 21:00 local time, and viewers began to warn family and friends as he seemed hopeless and very drunk, and made worried comments about taking his own life.

Mr. Steen said he did not believe that his friend wanted to take his own life when he started downstream.

About 40 minutes after entering the moon, around 10 pm, Mr. McNutt received a misfire rifle.

Mr. Steen told Snopes that it was not a shotgun, as claimed on social media, but a “cheap, ordinary, single-shot rifle.”

That’s when Mr. Steen learned through a podcast listener that his friend needed urgent help.

Mr. Steen watched the live video while Mr. McNutt denied phone calls and ignored commenters’ requests for assistance.

Until then, the stream had been reported to Facebook for filming, but the video remained online for almost two hours after the suicide.

While still alive, Mr. McNutt was full of phone calls and texts from worried family members, friends, and strangers, but continued to argue with people trying to intervene and make worrying comments.

Mr. Steen said: “He’s drunk and the gun is already there and all these people already pissed him off on Facebook.

Why didn't the police intercept him?

The new Albany Police Department was warned in a Facebook live broadcast of a gunman threatening to take his own life, and the officers were sent to Mr. McNutt’s apartment.

They evacuated the neighboring houses, set up a cordon and used a loudspeaker to try to communicate with him, and in vain persuaded him not to hurt himself.

Police Chief Chris Robertson, who was among those on the scene, told Snopes that the officers were watching the 10-second delayed stream and that Mr. McNutt was with one of his friends and conveyed his pleas to him.

Power was accused of not doing enough to prevent McNutt from killing himself, but Mr Robertson said the proposals could only try to negotiate.


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