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Samsung Kids Interface Aims to Create a Safe Environment for Children

Marmara University Faculty of Medicine Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Diseases Department Lecturer, who gave important advice and warnings to families on the subject. Dr. Ayşe Rodopman Arman pointed out that the screens are not a babysitter and pointed out the importance of using interface applications such as Samsung Kids developed specifically for children.

Because of the coronavirus epidemic, we use technology more than ever since more time is spent at home in our country as in the world. Compared to previous periods, the children affected by this process also increase the time of screening and internet usage. Prof. Dr. Marmara University Faculty of Medicine, Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Diseases Department Professor, who made explanations within the scope of Samsung’s “Use the Internet”. Dr. Ayşe Rodopman Arman pointed out that children are now called the “digital generation” and warned parents to be more cautious than ever when using smart devices in this process.

Rodopman Arman stated that interactive environments that give warning cause brain cells to work and create more communication networks, therefore, the technology also affects the formation of the brain of children who are digital generations. drew attention to the importance. Stating that these applications that provide content and usage time control are especially important for children before ten years of age, Arman said, “The most important factors affecting technology addiction are“ exposure age ”and“ frequency of exposure ”on the screen. In cases where healthy family communication cannot be achieved, it is not enough to just try to control the usage, it is necessary to use phone applications that provide hours or content control. ” said.

Underlining that there are some important points that adults should pay attention to for children to be conscious technology users, Rodopman Arman said, “Today’s digital generation needs support and guidance in impulse control. Moreover, they are exposed to more choices than any other generation, which can reduce their willpower and enjoyment of life. Therefore, parents should realize that the screen is not a kind of babysitter.

In addition, setting rules and limits may not be sufficient alone in the home environment in order to prevent increased screen usage. Because when you try to prevent something, you draw the attention right there. When you say “You can’t play” or “You can play only ten minutes”, on the contrary, bans become attractive. For this reason, when child lock applications such as Samsung Kids, which is one of the safe ways of using the technology, are used on-site, it both expands the child’s interest and eliminates possible damages at certain intervals. “He said.

Noting that the Samsung Kids interface application allows the parents to control and follow the use of smartphones and tablets and turns these devices into a safe and fun learning environment for children, Rodopman Arman said: “This application allows you to set the play time limit and and provides usage reports that let you know what your child is learning. Children can search for people on a predefined list allowed by their parents, and can safely navigate to certain online sites allowed by them within a scheduled time. At the same time, children’s private information is protected, and their online identity is also secured. ”

In addition to the various applications in Samsung Kids, thanks to the colorful virtual friends, children can develop their talents while having fun. For example, thanks to Crocro’s Adventure game, children can learn some basic elements of programming and algorithm theory without any prior coding knowledge. Again, children can draw the pictures they want with Bobby’s Tuvali and develop their imagination freely, and they can make their own music thanks to Lisa’s Music Group.

How to set up Samsung Kids?

It is also very easy to make this interface work on parents’ devices. It is enough to follow the five simple steps below to activate Samsung Kids.

1. Drag your finger down on the home screen to open the Quick Panel.

2. Tap Samsung Kids on the Quick Panel.

3. On the Samsung Kids welcome page, tap the Next button.

4. Set and confirm a PIN. You can access Samsung Kids here.

5. Tap the upper right menu button to limit the daily play time and apps and contacts your child can access.


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