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Second wave fear in China: ‘Everything starts again’

Fear of the second wave surrounded the country with the detection of new cases for the first time since April 3 in Wuhan, where the corona virus first appeared, and a new outbreak on the Russian border of China. In Chinese social media Weibo, users raise concerns about ‘restarting everything’.


While most of the new cases were detected in the city of Julan, near the borders of China’s Russia and North Korea, five new cases were detected in Wuhan. The authorities took tight measures again in the city, where quarantine measures were loosened on April 8. The outbreak in Şulan is thought to originate from a woman without a travel history. The number of new cases in the country has reached its highest level since two weeks, with 17 new cases recorded in China on Sunday.

Five of the new cases were identified in three states near the Russian and North Korean borders: three were recorded in Jilin, one in Heilongjiang and the other in Liaoning. It was reported that a 28-year-old woman, two men aged 45 and 56 were infected in Jilin province, all of the cases in the province were detected in the city of Şulan. With the new cases, the number of cases in the city increased to 12.


The increase in the number of cases has also caused concern in social media. A user in Weibo said, “We need to take protective measures again. Five cases are really bad. ”Another user commented,“ Prior to that, there were no infections from asymptomatic cases ”. “The government should respond to public concerns before it’s too late,” said another user, “I was a little relieved and now I’m panicking, thinking everything is starting again.”


Chinese state television CGTN stated that some public spaces, including gyms, movie theaters and libraries, were temporarily closed and calls for ‘stay at home’ by the decision of local officials in Şulan. CGTN announced that high school students in the region will return to online education and public transport has been stopped.

Local media reports that the source of new cases detected in the city has not yet been finalized, but may have been caused by a 45-year-old woman with no travel history. (EXTERNAL NEWS)


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